Diddy - Another One of Me (feat. The Weeknd, 21 Savage, French Montana) lyrics

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye

Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph

Don't waste your tears on me
I'ma tell you it ain't worth the fight
I'ma hurt you if you let me
I can love you only for the night

I can love you for the night

Baby, I could play your role-play
I can tell that you're the only one
And I'ma promise that you feel pain
You ain't gon' get pain from no one else, yeah
Get it from no one else

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh!
Another one of me won't come around again
Another one of me won't come around again

Coke boy floodin' the streets, feedin' the fam' (Woo)
Speedin' the Lamb', pray to the east, feet in the sand (Ayy)
Make your mouth piece obese like Della Reese
Puttin' squares in the garden, holdin' court in the streets (Ah)

I gotta go to heaven, I had a hell of a life
Fightin' my bitch, married the game, made it my wife (Haan)
Abu Dhabi, Vecerans and Bugattis
Chopper under the dasher, blend with the Emirates
(Baow, baow-baow-baow)

Coi Leray in L.A., no more parties (No more parties)
Too $hort from the Bay, got the E and the .40 (Baow-baow-baow)
There's a cause and effect to every action
Hold you down, never slip up, like Derif Jackson (Woo)

If you can stand the rain
I'll get you that new addition
Shawty wanna eat
But wasn't with me in the kitchen
(Wasn't with me in the kitchen)
Gotta sign a NDA to get next to me (Uh)
I can turn a whole brick to a NFT (Woo)

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh
Another one of me
Won't come around again
Another one of me
Won't come around again
(Talk to 'em)

One-night stand 'cause I'm toxic (21)
We don't go on dates
I'm tryna duck the paparazzi (Facts)
Pull it out and put it in her face like it's hibachi (Ah)
You know I'm a dog, you probably better
Off without me (Come on)

Diamonds on my body
I'm a hockey puck (On God)
Lil' mama been around the hood
Like the ice cream truck (On God)
I ain't leavin' you for dead
Come get your life cleaned up
Still can't put a ring on her
She a nice ting but (Come on)

You can come and join the team, I got cap space (21)
Whole pointers on the bezel, call it, "Fat face" (21)
A-Rod, I'm ballin', but I'm loyal, never leave the base (Never)
You can call me anythin' you want
But just don't call me, "Bae" (On God)

Put her to the test and she was here to stay (21)
Fall asleep on FaceTime when I'm awake (21)
She addicted to the game, and she know I play
If you tryna find another me, then you gon' have to pray

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh, baby
Another one of me
Won't come around again (Uh)
Another one of me
Won't come around again

Ayo, check this out

All I am is a man with ambition to be the best
When I failed, it just gave me the vision to see the rest
Wasn't even ready when God gave me the test
So I pray you find love in the pieces of me that's left

Dear Heavenly Father
Yeah, I pray you find love in the pieces of me that's left
Feel it in your soul, it separates from your flesh
The nights that I cried alone, they taught me best
Anybody shine like this, they mighty blessed
But sometimes, you gotta go through the dark to manifest

Yeah, turn me up (Turn me up)
Yo, sometimes, you gotta through the dark to manifest
Sometimes, you gotta smile through the agony and the stress
My feet ain't been on the ground
I'm flyin' and landin' jets
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

The world'll never get another me
But I ain't did shit if God ain't impressed

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh
I keep talkin' to him
Ooh, ooh
Another one of me won't come around again
Come around

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