Элджей - Backstage Ecstasy текст песни


Eldzhey [Allj, Sayonara Boy, Алексей Узенюк] Новосибирск/Москва, Россия

[Элджей - Backstage Ecstasy текст песни]

These tapes my dog for you before for
The sign they wanna sort on lockdown
Locked up on luck george
And she closer to that drop off the top
Floor watch grooving eyes my moves out
There camera angles laughs and while i
Finger at this new sandwich a man's
Entangled and every steps a stone's
Throw from the gallows i'm cold to the
Marrow throwing quotes from the shadows
It's a hell of a rabbit hole it whines
And it's narrow you wore me many things
But don't call me harris i figure how to
Cover my tracks now that i'm older
Flipping for the government cracks the
Rebels soldier heady sipping out some
Nondescript seldom soul

Surrounding the park we speaking of an
Image resize rows need to leave the beat
So can mr. Vegas in the console's flow

Through the marmite straw sheets

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