Giggs, Wretch 32 - Cool Nuh lyrics

Seems like them man have got a death wish
Seems like they want a man arrested
Niggas beefin' with bitches
Feels like a man'a got domestics
It's these man the man'a wanna mess with
Man'a get the Mac
Just to make a little mess with
Crack a couple eggs when we find
Out where the nest is back at it again
When we find out where the rest live
It seems like man are the most hated
None of them
Niggas to slip up and roll naked
Man'a go, roll out in Kickers with no laces
Bally'ed up
Call us "them niggas with no faces"
And I'm back, fresh out
A nigga got no cases
And I still got couple killers
To roll safe with
If you got suttum' we want
Then a man take it you need to hand the shit
Over when man says it
It seems like the man are on the left wing
Man'a moved left
So the mandem kinda left him man'a move F
And the mandem can't direct him
The mandem all dread
And the mandem can't correct him
Yeah it's easy to forget things
The SN1 chain that the mandem
Drop the getts in
Hollowman and Wretch what the
Mandem are suggesting
Shoutout Hollywood Buck
Yeah the mandem are directing just cool nuh
Man will slip on a man's corner
Spiritual, I can pick up a man's aura
Butter bread, you can pick up a man's Flora
Fuck about, feel the tip of a man's borer
It ain't corn ya
You can't think what a man thought'a
Touch my food'll be drinking a man's water
We're giving these niggas a man's trauma
Man'll bun out a pussy and inform'a
Just cool nuh, you ain't never seen a baller
That can give everything that you all are
(Just cool nuh
Chickens dippin' in man's korma)
(Every day I got gyal in a man's corner)
Cool nuh, got the chick in a hot sauna
I'mma kill it, it's manslaughter
(Manslaughter, better kill it
Cause man oughta)
(I was watchin 'em slippin
Them man caught up)

I can pretend I had it easy
And my spoon was gold-plated
But it's been strange tryna
Exercise my patience
Most cards start with "Happy Belated"
Last sentence you'll get
Breakfast for presents
I ain't been paid yet
Washing down my dinner with my tears
Mum crying 'cah she knows she's in arrears
Sis cryin' that eczema wasn't nice
So much eye-water we just dive
In to fight each other
I remember that struggle
Most like the missing piece to my puzzle
So now my rice and my peas have to double
I'll be swearin' on my life
I ain't leavin' with fuck-all
Most niggas were livin' in a bubble
Just tryna get them trainers with the bubble
See I was tryna link that
Trainer with the muscle
We can help me move weight
In my teens I learnt to juggle
No clown shit
Movin' quiet on that loud strip
That's because I'm walkin' with two
And a half ounces
Yeah, on benefit's? I doubt it
Yeah, unless it benefit's my housing
But now I mind my business and my business
So legit
I leave fingerprints before I kill it
See I can sign writers, I can sign spitters
My next deal I'm callin' it "Signed
Sealed and delivered"
The right, move for my kids
Then we might, move to the sticks
Where there's high, hills and there's
Swings and the house, is so big
It's like out-side in but we're in-side now
And it's real horsepower whenever
We ride out
So stable, I remember my chip cable
Now it's me and Chip on The Box
We're so grateful
Happy Giggs got out the box
I stayed faithful c-Class, race to the top
We got the same will

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