Lil Durk, Kodak Black - Grandson lyrics

(Zaytoven) ayy, Yak

Never take her to Status Jeweler (yeah)
Never put all your trust in pussy
(Let's get it)
I done seen niggas steal switches (yeah)
I could never be attached to goofies (Metro)
Lamborghini truck, ridin' smoothly
Future had a nigga tryin' zooties (Boom)
Firm believer of bad luck (yeah)
I can't be the one dyin' in movies (No)
Eater sex, she want her ass done (Ass done)
Told the bitch to go and try a smoothie
(Try a smoothie)
Why you throwin' all this rent money?
Tryna prove a point to go
And hang with Boosie (Lame-ass)
He think he bigger than the whole mob
Niggas couldn't even hang with Boonie (Gang)
I keep all the shooters fed
I fed 'em all Percocets (Percocets)
Rather be with my crew instead
Ridin' 'round with a dirty stick
(Dirty stick) dirty Sprite
Ridin' 'round with some shooters who
Ain't even thirty yet (Grrah)
Dirty mics, told on the gang
Like he owe us debt (yeah)

Lamb' truck
Hoppin' out with thirty chains on
And my dreads stuck
Lamb' truck, free Rio from the land
They got him jammed up blam somethin'
Got me feelin' like I'm Grandson
Blam somethin', got me feelin' like I'm

Ayy, I ain't gon' need no ski
'cause I'm gon' make sure he can't tell on me
The middle of the week, I
Was skippin' in school, i had to bail on me
I'm a man of business, I'm with the mob
I'm like MOB
My nigga beat the cheese when he
Went down, I'm like "Damn, homie"
Dirty mics, thuggin' 'til I die
I don't need no advice
Jerry Rice, just caught a brand new body
That's on my baby snipe
Like I'm smokin' crack, the Glock
Got a see-through clip
This bitch like glass pipes
I ain't tryna be too
Long, anyway motherfucker
I live that fast life
Friday night, I'm in the club
Boppin' with my niggas, yeah
Still goin', Saturday mornin' I woke
Up with some strippers, yeah
Sunday, I might take a nigga
Soul, 'cause I'm a sinner, yeah
Lil' Taz, he gon' spaz, he gon'
Three, four, five, six jiggers, yeah
Friday night, in the car
Ridin' with my hitters, yeah
Still scopin', Saturday mornin', lookin'
For them niggas, yeah
Sunday, it feel like I'm almighty
Jesus with this pistol, yeah
King Von, yeah, 'cause I'm a
Rapper and I'm a killer, yeah
Durk, go to church
You old killin' motherfucker
Ayy, do that nigga do Percs
And them Black & Milds, go call my brother
This my last time fuckin'
So I'ma stick it in her butt
Start shootin' shit up at fourteen, vibin'
"Dis Ain’t What U Want"

Lamb' truck
Hoppin' out with thirty chains on
And my dreads stuck
Lamb' truck, free Rio from the land
They got him jammed up blam somethin'
Got me feelin' like I'm Grandson
Blam somethin', got me feelin' like I'm

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About the song

Over the past week, the internet has been buzzing with reviews, feedback, and comments on the hit new single "Grandson" by renowned rappers Lil Durk and Kodak Black. The response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive, showing the impressive impact of this musical collaboration.

The beat, produced by Zaytoven and Metro Boomin, is widely applauded. With comments like, "El beat is crazy tho!" and "Metroo," it's evident that the beat is regarded as a crucial component of the song's success. Some fans also mention the throwback to Durk's old flow, as expressed in the statement "This durk old flow if you know you know," which showcases the artist's consistent musical growth. However, it's not just the music that is admired by fans but also the lyrics. Durk's line "Never put all your trust in pussy" resonated with listeners, presenting a profound message. As with any song that incites deep thoughts, the lyric undoubtedly hits hard.

Critiques of the song were also well distributed between both Lil Durk and Kodak Black. Lil Durk is recognized as a symbol of constant evolution, and some fans expressed their amazement at his rise in the rap industry. On the other hand, Kodak Black's part was no less impactful. Phrases like "Yak slid onnis hoe," "Kodak Yakhard," and "Yak went crazy" validate the rapper's remarkable contribution to the track.

The references to King Von, a fellow rapper, and friend to Lil Durk who passed away, were also noticed by listeners, with many commenting "LLKV" which stands for "Long Live King Von." This aspect reveals the deep personal touch within the song, which connects with the audience on a deeper level.

One individual wrote, "I know if I put in the work, I can get as big as them but for now, I’m just happy being a supporter," which exemplifies the inspiring impact of "Grandson." Also, a few fans have expressed their desire to see a video for the track, indicating its potential to create a more significant impact. A curious yet heartening detail is the number of times the term "fire" is used, denoting the song's intensity. Besides, the recurrence of the term "this the one" among the comments emphasizes the perceived quality of the song and its position in the listeners' playlists.

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