Lil Durk, Future - Never Imagined lyrics


Too many bracelets'll sprain a nigga wrist
Comin' from the gutter
Never imagined livin' like this
Five-thousand shots when I'm at the
Pow Wow with the clique, yeah
She gotta be bossed up in
Order to be my bitch, yeah
(DJ on the beat so it's a banger)

It ain't a coincidence
These shooters ready to go on stains
He done took two transformers
Fentanyl got him out his brain
Throw him in the water
Get them sharks on him like a big ol' snake
Came off the cornеr with some gangsters
Took this shit to space
Shootеr had his mask off
He didn't even think about it
(Didn't think about it)
Gotta keep it one-thousand
Tryna clear the bank out
Been in them trenches
Holdin' switches like a auntie
(Like my auntie)
Spent half a ticket on it and it was anti
(Skrrt) i put lil' demon on that hit
He gon' go brazy
Won't even cost a vehicle to
Get you this mutilated
They caught him in the cut
And switched him up, and hit his lady
We gon' kill the shooter when he come
Back if he hit the baby
Couldn't make the store, he want that coke
Now shit gettin' slimed out (Slimed out)
One mill' a show, it's on the floor
These niggas dyin' now (Niggas dyin' now)
I'm takin' G6 to feel like I'm on Saturn
(I'm on Saturn) i could've leased it
But I cashed out like a scammer (Pluto)
From the bottom to the top
Made it do what it's supposed to do (Pluto)
I came up dirty, now my check right
My money blue (Super)
I used to sell it to these junkies
Now some time I use (Turn up)
Cost a lot of mon yun, get you don yun
Knocked out your shoes (Woo)
I was just a lil' nigga servin' GRAMMYs, yeah
(yeah) i'ma catch the flu from solitary
(yeah, yeah, I swear)
It ain't no sleepin' when you legendary
My main bitch come secondary (Freebandz)

Too many bracelets'll sprain a nigga wrist
Comin' from the gutter
Never imagined livin' like this
Five-thousand shots when I'm at the
Pow Wow with the clique, yeah
She gotta be bossed up in
Order to be my bitch, yeah

Them hoes gotta get my mama
Involved for me to reason
I put my brother before the nation
They say I'm treason (Wow, wow, wow)
I fuck with her energy, spiritually
She be keepin' her Bs on (Keep her Bs on)
I done gave him a gun while he on the run
Brodie a street one (Wow, wow, wow)
They stay out the streets
Ain't none right here 'fore you play D1
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
Why you go on the 'Gram bashin' my
Name knowin' that the streets warm?
Told a young nigga when
He catch another body
Told him to keep goin' got shot in his neck
They pronounced him dead
Brodie breathed strong (Wow, wow, wow)
You can be my backbone in rare form
I still reject you (Wow, wow, wow)
Get back, you a real neighborhood hero
They'll still neglect you
I gave the streets more than my own kids
That disrespectful
You can't dig this deep in the trenches
You gon' need a shovel
I don't want no more adderall caps, medical
Data connected with Apple, federal
He gave me some pills and a napkin
Everything happened is tragic
You that mad? Get him in traffic
Get a address to say you arrivin'
Took a plea deal, gave him eleven
He kept it P, so it's Only The Family

Too many bracelets'll sprain a nigga wrist
(Too many bracelets) comin' from the gutter
Never imagined livin' like this
(Livin' so special)
Five-thousand shots when I'm at the
Pow Wow with the clique, yeah
(yeah, yeah) she gotta be bossed up in
Order to be my bitch, yeah
(Woah, woah)
Too many bracelets to sprain a nigga wrist
(yeah, yeah) comin' from the gutter
You can't imagine livin' like this
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
Five-thousand shots when I'm at Pow
Wow with my clique, yeah
She gotta get dogged out in
Order to be my bitch

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, woah, oh oh oh oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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About the song

Chicago's Lil Durk continues to assert his place as the 'Voice of the Streets' in his latest album release "Almost Healed ," which features fellow rap artist, Future. The reception from fans, critics, and casual listeners has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing the idea that Durk's brand of authentic, streetwise storytelling resonates powerfully across audiences.

One standout comment, a sentiment echoed by many, praised Durk's music for being a companion through the tumultuous journey of life, embodying every high and low. His ability to translate complex emotions into relatable lyrics is one of the reasons he's so beloved. As a listener puts it, Durk's music "hits hard when you have been through the motions of life... you just gotta let it go and live."

Featuring Future on this track was indeed a winning move, as fans excitedly commented on his contribution. There were exclamations of surprise, amusement, and overall enjoyment of Future's unique style, a testament to the rapper's undying appeal. His flow and rhythm on the track brought a distinct flavor that fans agreed complemented Durk's vocal style seamlessly.

Despite the positive reception of Future's contribution, a common theme among the fans was the curiosity about why Future was not credited in the song title. This omission was seen as both a testament to their camaraderie and an exciting Easter egg for listeners. It added an unexpected dimension to the release, leading to a flurry of reactions upon Future's recognizable entrance on the track.

A significant portion of comments pointed out the emotional depth and maturity in Durk's lyrics, showcasing his evolution as an artist. Fans noted that the album, and particularly "Never Imagined," reflected Durk's growth and maturity. This evolution was hailed as a refreshing change in the often stagnant landscape of modern rap.

In true Durk fashion, the song was filled with lyrics that portrayed his loyalty to his OTF (Only The Family) crew. These references were met with great enthusiasm from listeners, who praised his consistency and commitment to his roots.

The production quality of "Never Imagined" did not go unnoticed. Listeners compared the beat selection to that of Kanye West, a compliment of the highest order in the industry. The fusion of hard-hitting beats with raw, emotive lyrics is a hallmark of Durk's style, which has been amplified in this latest release.

There were a few outliers who felt the album didn't live up to their expectations, or that other artists were better. However, these comments were dwarfed by the sea of positivity and praise for Lil Durk's latest endeavor.

Overall, the song was hailed as a triumphant return for Durk, a testament to his lyrical prowess, raw storytelling, and the strong bond he shares with his fans. Many have called for a joint album between Lil Durk and Future, a request that we can only hope will be fulfilled. For now, though, "Never Imagined" serves as a shining example of Durk's abilities, a song that will undoubtedly continue to resonate with fans for a long time.

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