Lil Durk - Sad Songs lyrics

Go crazy, I'm textin' her right now
Nah, for real
I'm textin' her right-right now
This song ain't even supposed to be like this

Pretty little thing
You just a pretty little liar
Got on Pretty Little Thing, Van
Cleef bracelet cost four thousand, huh
Appreciate the lil' thing if it
Came from public housin'
Eighteen million for one tour, I'm so humble
Ain't even announce it
I like high-end restaurants, when
I read the menu, i can't pronounce it
I went toxic for two months
I showed the streets I don't need cancer
Ever since we had car sеx
She don't ever wanna wеar panties
She like shoppin' on FarFetch
Got me watchin' out for her package
I was hard for so long
Asked did I pop viagra
I ain't send you home in an Uber, baby
I actually gave you my driver
Had a model kissin' on the street bitch
But I'ma keep it between my family
I'm cummin', she keep on suckin'
I told her to stop, she grab my diamond
I know how it feel to be lied on
This ain't gangster shit in my headphones
This a sad song
I can't vent to you on a text message
It's real wrong
He talkin' to one of the most
Famous girls on my man's phone

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry
I can't say sorry enough
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry
I can't say it enough

I'm said I'm sorry, told you the stories
And you ain't explain it enough
I said I'm sorry, I said I'm sorry
I hate you think that I'm tough

I don't know what you do me
Start to think about your
Life insurance before you
Tell your friends that you through with me
Told her shit that could ruin me
Cut her off, she stopped textin' me back
That shit was blowin' me
I could really have it my way if I wanted to
I'm a walkin' orgy
Yellow Chanel peacoat, fresh off the runway
She Giorgi lettin' her feet soak
She be runnin' my mind all this mornin'
Authorized, you was on my bank account
She stopped regardless
Used to say Amari for Amiri jeans
'cause we ain't have nothin'
Used to say Amari for Amiri jeans
That shit retarded
PTSD, I got cheated on, baby, I'm heartless
It is what it is, think what you want
Whatever you callin'
I done seen real tears, had a miscarriage
Blood in the toilet

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry
I can't say sorry enough
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry
I can't say it enough

I'm said I'm sorry, told you the stories
And you ain't explain it enough
I said I'm sorry, I said I'm sorry
I hate you think that I'm tough

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About the song

When it comes to creating deep, meaningful music, few artists are able to penetrate the emotional landscape like Lil Durk does. His latest track, "Sad Songs," is no exception, as listeners are taken on a journey of raw emotion and authenticity that leaves a lasting impact.

The reactions and reviews to this song have been overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising Durk's originality, vulnerability, and the genuine pain that he translates into music. For instance, one fan stated, "The emotion you feel from this song and other songs on the album is powerful." These powerful sentiments echo throughout the listener community, and the connection Durk has been able to make with his audience is truly remarkable.

Durk’s unique sound, especially the "screech" in his voice, has been highlighted as a standout feature of the song. His voice adds an additional layer of depth to the track, intensifying the emotions he's aiming to convey. Many fans believe that Durk has poured his heart into this album, and "Sad Songs" is no exception.

However, some fans have a more critical perspective. An individual rated the album as 5/10, indicating that although the album may have resonated with many, it didn't necessarily meet everyone's expectations. Others showed concern over the potential overuse of the song on platforms like TikTok, expressing their fears that the song's raw emotion could be lost in the shuffle of viral trends.

There's a noticeable comparison made by fans between Lil Durk and YoungBoy Never Broke Again, with several comments mentioning that Lil Durk’s album is superior. But it's essential to note that every artist has a distinct style, and comparisons, while inevitable, don't often serve to enrich the appreciation for the music itself.

The overall consensus remains that "Sad Songs" is a standout track on Durk's album. It's not just about the beats or lyrics; it's about the emotions conveyed and the connection established between Durk and his listeners. This connection, this shared understanding and mutual feeling, is what makes music powerful. "Sad Songs" epitomizes this notion, and Durk’s authenticity shines through every note and lyric.

At the end of the day, it's clear that Lil Durk's latest work has struck a chord with his audience. The rawness and vulnerability displayed in "Sad Songs" serve as a testament to Durk's growth as an artist and his commitment to remaining true to himself and his listeners.

Even as we explore the varied reactions, one thing remains clear: Durk's authenticity and heartfelt lyricism continue to set him apart in the world of music, and "Sad Songs" is another shining example of his artistic prowess. As we await what Durk has in store for us next, "Sad Songs" will undoubtedly remain a track that listeners turn to when they seek comfort in music's profound ability to understand and convey raw human emotion.

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