MIKE, French Montana - Turned Up lyrics

[MIKE, French Montana - Turned Up lyrics]

I got bitches going wild
You'd have to see it to believe it
Forget the meet and greet I'm
Signing titties with my semen
So you can keep the sharpie, need it hardly
Leave the party with a bunch of girlies
Get to know 'em later on
Cause we fucking early
And I like to stay on schedule
Photoshoot fresh homie I deserve a centerfold
Parties at the W, sorry if that troubles you
But this is my summer
'bout to blow up like a bubble do
Catch me where the bottles is
Texting with a model chick
Bar's about to close
Yeah I bet you know what time it is
Speeding down the interstate
Riding 'round like Reagan did
Trucks is all black
Skating 'round like Tyler Seguin bitch
And if you want it, be about it
Fucked an actress last week and
Didn't even tweet about it, yeah
I'm just out here on the come-up, fuck sleep
I'm making moves until the sun up
Wake up in the morning, roll up out the bed
We be turned up, she don’t wanna leave
Can’t blame her, we be turned up

When you start to get love
A lot of people get critical
They sayin' fuck me
Well the bitches took it literal
And she like the way that molly felt
Blacked out like karate belts
Shit I'm just doin' me
Hate to boast but I gotta
Gotta go, sayonara, on a boat, Boston bomber
Yeah I'm hotter now
New watch and the clock says my time is now
That's why I'm out in
Hollywood meeting Simon Cowell
And I'm kinda sorta buzzing now
Every night another city I am shutting down
I swear that's word to French man
I'm tryna be a player, fuck the bench man
We 'bout to turn up

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