Pe$o Pete, Ty Wild, Mir Blackwell, Ham Sandwich, 954Mari - BLACKBEARD lyrics

[Pe$o Pete, Ty Wild, Mir Blackwell, Ham Sandwich, 954Mari - BLACKBEARD lyrics]

Ben Ten flows, I can never just pick one
Hyper Beam holstered, I walk with a big gun
Rillaboom choppa, my stick got a big drum
She give me good brain
But that bitch was big dumb
Fuck that! Plug got that walkie talkie
Do you copy?
My chopp hit his body, body do karate
She give me sloppy toppy, she was shocking
Oh, wait, I forgot, I feel like Blackbeard
I am not going unless he bring racks here
I smoke a "YEAH" like I
Brought BIG LAX here
My plug brought a pound
I brought a stack here
That mean we do business!
My choppa Red Bull, wings gon' lift 'em
You ain't a Beast, little boy, you a Gifter
Chopp with a scope
Aim right at his sphincter
Hah, or howevеr you say that shit
Mir passed the Glock, bro
I'm boutta spray that shit
You evеr seen Big Mom in Whole Cake and shit?
That's how your bitch on my dick
When she ate that shit

I move with the K, banana the clip
It's rounds to his top, bandana the fit
I see your OG, that man is a jit
Pete passed me the nine, the Canon equipped
I'm rapping like Roy
Cause I give her more than the tip
When I'm strapped with the sword
I'm back like I'm Lorde
I've always been royal
A king when I step on the board
You sleepin' on me like you Connor
I'm masked up like Jason
I blast if he hatin', I met a little shawty
Her ass for the taking i asked and I ate it
I keep me a tech in
The back like I'm Wakeman

Ayo, watch how you walking, walking
Shit, I fucked up, it's the opposite
Kicking up bullets like feet on an Ottoman
Demons gon' stay on your
Head just like collagen
Three headed Cerberus, Blackbeard confidence
Blackbeard walk with the way
And I'm stomping it
Get That Boi Gon like he
In the dark continent
Hollow gon' sit on his top like a condiment
I'm smoking leaf like the top of an Oddish
This Hollow gon' sit on his
Head like a Bonnet
Schemer be stealing just like Jewelry Bonney
But that bitch ain't bad
Shawty built just like Oddwin
Big body whip and it's
Built just like Burgess
DTrey is blacker than Hannibal Buress
Purchase a perc from a percocet merchant
And cut up the pack like the
Back of a bird breast

Feel like an elephant, I never forget
Said that he know me, I look at him perplexed
These niggas dreamin' like Professor Burnet
Said he gon' kill me
I ain't in a hearse yet
Ballin' ever since- I ain't done
With my verse yet ain't finna wife her
Don't care if she's perfect
Ain't finna wife her
Ain't tryna be tied down
Walk with my dick out like my fly down
Ted Cruz, Cancun, I'mma fly down
Just had a long day, finna lie down
I just remembered a bar I didn't write down
Sleep in my undies, I need me a nightgown
I'm getting cold, man, I need some pajamas
Green on my mind, I feel like an iguana
He wanna play? He get paused like a comma
Me and you niggas got nothing in common

They talkin' bout big racks
I got a little more bread like a Big Mac
Backshots breaking your bitch
She got whiplash
That bitch had me asking: "Where
Is my dick at?"
Blackbeard, come out the darkness
I'm causing a ruckus, i shatter shit
Shit, you talkin', I thought you a masochist
Long arms, shit reach the top of the cabinet
I get the check
Now she callin' like Kaepernick
Slim white kid on some Shady shit
Ain't so crazy thinking Marshall
Did Teach me
Impel Down, how my bars is on deep sea
When that four five get to blazing
You freezing slide 'em with two poles
They think I'm skiing
Chick like Sasha said: "I'm
Craving your meat, please!"
T been a Beast, like he Zeke, how he
Slanging these rocks, you no Titan, but man
You can eat these

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