Pe$o Pete, 954Mari, Jeesh - MONSTER TRIO lyrics

[Pe$o Pete, 954Mari, Jeesh - MONSTER TRIO lyrics]


I stay countin' my bucks
Jit talk crazy 'til he run out of luck (Aye)
Talk big, talk big tough
But he ain't runnin' up (Aye)
Oh my god, just shut the fuck up (Bitch)
Steady my aim, bitch, I'm tryna focus (Nah)
I ain't hit my opus
I'm free throw throwin' (What?)
'Til the day that I make it
I'm Deebo throwin' (yeah)
Got one hundred mana
Don't need mo' potions (Nope)
Just sit down and rappin'
I make more than you make (Yuh)
Got ten people wit' me
Don't need more crewmates (Nope)
I know some rappers who want me dead today
I'm turnin' it up, man, I'm sorry
It's too late
I'm off three edibles, bitch, I am too baked
But I'm still smokin'
I rolled up like two J (Bitch)
Dick in her mouth finna give her a toothache
(O oh) i'm on my Blackbeard
I'm makin' the room shake (Woo)
Hold on, why you just talkin'
Man? Do things when you stay solid
It's normal a fеw change
I done seen peoplе switch up
For some loose change
Turn up all year just to
Start makin' blue things (Stupid)
Walk in the room and I'm
Feelin' the mood change
Keep it a fitted, you cap on a few things
All black techwear, look like Bruce Wayne
Usopp Haki, I'm ready to shoot things (Bah)

Red eye on the choppa, no observation
Like Sanji, the kick on it hot as Cajun
In the black leg Mase', I got it skating
Scratchman, when he talk, it is not amazing
Scratchmen, big drum got 'em all breaking
How he say that he solid? He not fading
Wrist came with the rocks, but I'm not David
When I drive in the whip, I am not braking
(yeah, yeah)

When I drive in the whip
I'm handbrake driftin'
White plug shoot the birds like Blake Griffin
That shit got me sick, y'all stay simpin'
I slid to Boynton, brought a play wit' me
Big scope on the Nerf, got a ray wit' it
(Aye) if my bro' brought the pack
I ain't stayin' wit' it (Yuh)
I'm over my old foes, that finished
(Bitch, aye, aye)
Holy rounds finna drop you
The praise vicious
(Aye, aye, yah, yah, yah, yah)

K on Cloud and plays in tens (What?)
I don't see how you got hit's
It don't make no sense
(I don't see how you got hit's
It don't make no sense, yeah)
Push to start, fuck it
Push your brain cells out just like a fart
(Skrrt, Farting)
I done fucked yo' mama by the time
You get paid for yo' art
(Aye, aye, stupid ass)
This troop coupé, dippin' to yo'
Block, I tell 'em, "Shoot you"
(Pow pow pow) my zo's up, in the dead of
Night, they wake at noon, too
(They wake up late as fuck)
I don't keep no goons, I
Keep brothers, we in tune, too
(We in tune, too, bro')
Ain't no cred' but mine, I held
Down before I knew you, bitch
Uh, uh, way that I see it, you stupid
(What? Dumb)
Way that I see it, you losin' (Hey, L)
Way that I see it, you droppin'
A hit is just poopin', shit dookie
(Ugh, ugh, ugh)
I'm really shootin', I'm makin' a movie
(Yuh, yuh) you singin' a lot and that
Shit do not move me (yeah, what? Huh?)
You a bitch, groupie (Brrah)

Red shooter, he look like Youpi (Aye)
Switch out with my demon, Yuji
Bet we testing his pockets, no Dukey
Bet he shake like Groovy Smoothie
Camera gon' wet up his block like jacuzzi
My shooter flashin', we making a movie (Aye)
Cracking the seal, boy
I'm pourin' the goopy (Woo)
Smokin' on za, boy, you smoke on a loosey
I'm really back in this bitch, goin' stupid
I'm really packing a fifth in my loose leaf
(Yup) speak with my chest
I ain't finna talk loosely (Yup)
She wanna kick it, I gave her the Bruce Lee
(Aye) bro' off the Perc' and
He actin' real loopy my circle small
I ain't fuckin' with goofies (Sheesh)
Damn, that pussy think that he knew me
(Aye, yuh)
Hop in the booth and I start fuckin' puking

You niggas hungry
But you didn't help me when I was down
Bad with a lot on my plate (Aye)
You chasin' bitches and I'm chasin'
Benjamins, sorry, my nigga, we do not relate
Funny how they talkin' hot as the tropics
But they only talk when they not in my state
(Aye) glock C-R-7
The stick got a kick to the shot and
It shoot with a li'l bit of pace (Pow)
Know they hate me, the way that I brag ugly
Bet they say that it's gross
When I bag money (Aye)
If you talk, but it's
Not about racks, buddy
Yo no me conoce like I'm Bad Bunny (Yuh)
Did he say that he takin' this cash
From me? Got me laughin' like, "Brodie
You mad funny" (Yuh)
Bet I'm snappin' his neck
Like a crash dummy
Bet I'm snappin' his head like a bag bungee

Fuck up (No)
Run up in the moshpit, he get fucked up
(Aye! What?! What?)
Ran up in the pit, he get fucked up
(, fucked up)
Rollin' wit' my clique? You get fucked up
(Aye! What? Woo)
Out of luck? You get fucked up
(What?! Fucked up)
I just pulled up, brought the Tonka (Skrrt)
Bitch, we in that truck, smokin' blunts
I'm like, "Bitch, what's up?" (What?)
Don't give a fuck, we turn this shit up
(What?! yeah)


SLehmo with the beat, boy

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