Quadeca, Didac - FIFA 15 EA Sports vs Coin Sellers Rap Battle lyrics

Coin Sellers
Vs EA Sports FIFA
Rap battle of the century
Let's do this

You may sponsor YouTubers with a few subscribers
But when I'm done with you, there will be no more survivors
I made your whole platform, I made your whole livin'
UFIFA? More like, U-FIFA Club's about to be missin'
You're tripping if you think that we're lifting the ban
We're gonna get rid of you anyways, why? 'Cause we can
We are EA, and this is the game that we made
I'll say it again and won't let you skip the replay:
You do what we say, that's always been in the game
Are you against the creator with virtual coins on eBay?
That ain't happenin'! S.T.F.U. is the acronym
Big men on campus, you're the faces that we're laughin' in

I'm too busy to rap, just click on the live chat
Use the code "quadeca" for five percent back
We got more sponsors, we're stronger, you're monsters, fix your launchers

It's time to fix your game, or we'll keep makin' more dollars
Oh wait, your servers are down, time for you to start fixing
People would buy from you if your game wasn't glitching
We provide great service and sell everything for cheaper
You ruined your own market, now you're callin' us cheaters

We are powerful, a giant corporations
We make more cash than there are in entire nations
We don't give it to charity, we start an operation
To make buying coins an extreme violation
We took away Ibra's skills, we can do what we want
So if you hurt our precious feelings, we're gonna sue who we want
We have the most profitable gamemode in all of history
So don't you ever go and try to disrupt our golden industry

Realistically, we're never getting banned
People always getting scammed, but you don't give a damn
Now you're tryna ban us sellers and supporters of the movement
Your sales would be higher if you added some improvements
You're richer, but we're the victor, just look at the big picture
We're the earthquake to your market, we're a ten on the Richtor
We gave people the chance to get Messi and Ibra
We provide the same product for five times cheaper!

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