Quadeca - KSI vs Jake Paul Rap Battle Fight lyrics

Fuck KSI! I'm Jake Paul, I’m the greatest guy
When I came out on the scene, I was aimin' high, and all you do is play FIFA while you stay inside
You should know that I'm the number one most famous guy, and so, the news will make me look like I’m a racist lie
But I'm changin' lives, in fact, I'm even savin' lives, but everybody, they be tryna use my name for size
'Cause I'm the number one most relevant, I'm so excellent, you be lookin’ jealous, kid, I don’t get this shit
You really think your videos are better than me? The last time that you were decent was in 2013
Moved to L.A to get fans and be me, get off the hype train, you'll crash it like your Lamborghini
Uh, smells like something died in here, that’s really weird, oh, that's your channel! Next time, permanently disappear!
Shit, man, ha

I asked Erika how much you cry, and she said, "Everyday, bro"
I'm your fuckin' dad; I’ll win this shit because I say so
You're disgustin', pasty and white, like some fuckin' mayo, I lay low
Come back now, and I'm the fuckin' main show (Yeah!)
I came and shined in a week, now you break, you cry and you weep
Beatin' me is gon' be harder than your neighbors tryin' to sleep
Yeah, where was y'all at when you terrorized on the street
And dropped the worst music of the year, terrified of the beef?
You should bear in mind you've been crazy, you really are just a fraud act
And now you losin' it, just like your Disney contract
Everyday, bro, no more Disney channel flow

And you cheated on your girl, you just a little fuckin' ho, uh (Ayy, ayy!)
Uh, sixteen-million, I'm really in, nobody gives a fuck 'bout your opinion
All your little fans are tiny minions standin' by a man who hurts civilians
Ridiculous, you so immature, you idiot, racist and bigoted and didn't edit it out
In three months, you'll be irrelevant, wow, I'm the man, the myth, the legend, get out!
Nothing you do is acceptable, pal, married your side? That's incredible! How?
Okay, man, are you gettin' it now? Okay, man, you accepted the vows
Damn, I'm just gettin' this out, 'cause I swear on my life you got married for views
Talk about "clickbait", but your girlfriend is a title, she don't care about you, damn
And now the whole world is against you, and that's not because of the jealousy
It's 'cause you bully people and then think you're a celebrity
KSIOlajideBT, when I do shit, know I do it creatively
And it's easy to see why you're easily beat, I'm a beast and I will kill you repeatedly

I'm Jake Paul, the shots you fired are like paintball
'Cause it's just a game to be entertained, but you're more boring than watching some baseball
Uh, I've made more money from merch than KSI's made from his whole career
Just so we're clear, I've been livin' at the top of the chain, must be walkin' away, 'cause you are nowhere near
I'm the fastest-growin', I'm the best, you got a tattoo coverin' your chest, damn
Knowledge, strength, integrity? Are you wasted, man? KSI was the name of your Halo clan
And I ain't a fan, the group that you created, now they hate you
My Team 10 members so grateful, always hittin' me up, so nice to say, "Thank you"
'Cause I work so hard, they tryna put me down, but look around, you can never let 'em shame you
How it feel to wake up every day and have all the news networks tryna break you?
I'm dealin' wit' the stress and the pressure, I'm depressed and I measure my success from the pleasure of the fans
I'm just tryna do the best that I can, they all throw around my name and try to put it in the sand
But I'm a man, Jake Paulers, just dab on the haters, look past all the hatred, try to have conversations with your friends
That's all you really have when you're famous, so I'm done with the drama, this is bad entertainment

Damn... this is bad entertainment, man
They tryna drag me down

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