Quadeca - KSI vs Joe Weller Rap Battle Fight lyrics

Joe Weller
You're a bitch, dude, it's like I'm fighting Zoella
Tryna come at me? You should know better
I'm a go-getter, you're a don't ever
Joe, let's be honest, bro, I am your father
Go back to shitty jokes on Buxton water
You really think you're legitimate? ('Gitimate)
You versus me? You ain't winning it, uh (Winning it)
I brought you up from the bottom
And I'm about to knock you back down
Weller, mate, have you forgotten
You had my face as your background
I don't like to box my fans
But you're an exception, one last case
Do everything to be like me
Maybe that's why you're always in blackface

KSI, listen here
You were at your peak when you disappeared
You want to see who's gonna lose? Just look in the mirror
Your content hasn't been good in like sixty years, okay

Yeah, I used to be a fan
Like I swear you used to be a man
Staged a knockout? I ain't impressed
You not a beast, you a princess
Look, bro, are you getting confused?
Your real music sucks, it ain't getting no views
When you said, "I'm done with music"
We all wish that you were telling the truth
Wow! You had to do some transforming
You're so deep and you're so sick!
KSI, you were an asshole
And you just transformed into a bigger prick

Joe ("What?"), you're too easy to diss, like
Shit, man, here's an example:
The next abandoned thing you should explore
Should be your dead channel
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You want to go-go-go-go?
When I get you in the ring
All I'm gonna hear is "No, no, no, no!"
Bro, it is hopeless for you
I'ma get a punch and then it's over for you
Nothing for you, but a couple for me
You should go back to WWE (Ooh)
'Cause in the ring, I got more skill
Seventeen to your four mill'
That's it; enough said
You're less stable than a table with one leg (Ayy)

Bro, you know I'm going off
You just keep showing off
I don't brag about my training
At least now we all now you're soft
I ain't an underdog
But for you, it is over, dawg
Trying to make fun of depression?
Couldn't get any lower, dawg
KSI stands for 'bitch'
I'm pretty sure that's it, ayy
Flexing all the money on your wrist
That's some shit, yeah
That's some stupid shit like, woah
This is not 2012 beef no mo'
When I see you in the ring, I'ma hit you where it sting
Till you pass out cold on the floor, ayy
You know I am so legitimate ('Gitimate)
Think you gonna win? Well, that's ridiculous ('Diculous!)
How can this guy have a little dick
But in his personality, he's the biggest dick?
I'm taking the dub and that's final (Final)
You're my idol turned to a rival
So I got to throw a punch, casual like it's lunch
While you're gasping hard for survival, ooh


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