Quadeca - Neymar vs Bale PSG Rap Battle lyrics


Bitch, it is Gareth Bale, when I get up on the track, I'm just seein' you very pale
Most expensive sale on a paper trail, you so feminine, you probably paint your nails
Like, damn... you really committing some tax fraud? You should stay in jail
Got you locked down with these bars, you should have to pay your bail
Huh... ain't that funny? Only way you gettin' out of this is with that cash money
Are you mad, buddy? No Champions League with that badge, dummy
You're so skinny, get you knocked you down with a light breeze
Barca stay coming in second, this is my league

You really gon' talk about Wales vers' a Brazilian?
You're the most expensive? I'm sold for two-hundred-million!
Talkin' about that Champions League that you only played for two minutes in
And you weren't injured; they just really didn't wanna play you so Real Madrid could win
Yeah! Are you listenin', man? I'm just kiddin', man, how could you not be?
Okay, I'm higher rated, I'm just straight up better; you can't top me
Yeah, yeah, you were only pretty good on Tottenham, call that a 'spur' of the moment
Now you get benched like weightlifting, just an unworthy opponent

Congrats on the gold medal, that's surprising
'Cause when I heard about it, I thought you got it from diving
Try to deny it, but everything I say is true
Shit, I just confirmed with the Barca players that hated you
Damn, I guess it's more than just little me, you just sell out your team for publicity
So selfish, you skill and you dribble, then lose it, you will never have more assists than me
Try to play in England, you would cry, hurtin', like AT&T, I got nice service
You don't like workin', so like always, I'm takin' the W; winnin' this, I'm certain

Oh, hi! I am so glad to be beating you here
Oh wait, I'm ninety-seven in Team of the Year!
Okay, that just makes it unbelievably clear (Penacho)
Look at those ears! I could whisper this, and you would be able to clearly hear
I am so sick and tired of these simple-mined pretty little liars
Tryna make up rumors 'cause my name is boomin', I'm more relevant than any Bale has proven
You just fail, you stupid! But I guess I'm glad that you read the news
Wait, that means you're informed, I just checked your cards and that ain't even true
I don't see a blue, I'm ninety-eight and you're ninety-two!
Sorry, ninety-one, I guess I lied, every single statistic's on my side
I've scored more goals, I can't even lose this battle if I tried
I am sky-high and you're so bad, I'mma leave you here, so bye-bye!

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