Rustage, Aerial Ace, Delta Deez, Breeton Boi, FrivolousShara, Ty Wild, Mir Blackwell, Mix Williams, Khantrast, Zach B, Mac Ro, KickFlamez, Freeced, Vanquish, Nicky Trakks, 954Mari - Sports Anime Rap Cypher lyrics

[Rustage, Aerial Ace, Delta Deez, Breeton Boi, FrivolousShara, Ty Wild, Mir Blackwell, Mix Williams, Khantrast, Zach B, Mac Ro, KickFlamez, Freeced, Vanquish, Nicky Trakks, 954Mari - Sports Anime Rap Cypher lyrics]

Definition of a short king, I stay
Running for my goals, they be walking
I'm straight
Gunning for the gold, they exhausted
Talk shit
Watch this bird evolving like a Torchic
I won't leave a warning, too quick
I stay undisputed
Kageyama laying the foundations
Like a blueprint
Who's this? Decoy, I'm allusive, proved it
Play no games like Kenma
When I pull up I go stupid
One more
Now I'm seeing red like it's Nekoma
Encore, lines stay connected like an XLR
Top score, let's go, come on
Give it all you got
One more, next blow
Spike it for the winning shot

Anxious when the crowd start to hype me
Way I run this make the legs move lightspeed
Claimed Twenty One, then became a Savage
See the way I move around
Like I came from Madden
Ooh, left, juke right
I sustained the balance
Got the moves mapped out like I made an atlas
It's well known that I'm gifted though
How you think I went and
Won the Christmas bowl

I got techs by the mound like a factory
Want talk sweet? Get punched drunk Daiquiri
Arm swing me and Chris
Copped another battery
Y'all so tired out, I'd
Run through you casually
You catching me? Nah
Balling till the day the whole
Fam across the fences
Y'all would pussy out
Leave ya blood on ya menses
Pitch scale earth day
Knocking trash up off the benches
How you go and let me throw the
Towel and still top the census

I've been training everyday just to get here
Football frontier like my name, make a mark
Kid is in his own tier
Goalkeeping, the goal keep moving forwards
And my forwards scoring when they on the ball
Forever a mainstay, I ain't even been a sub
The name of the game change when
I'm tryna get a dub
And Raimon the main gang
We ain't ever letting up
It's "サシカーやろうぜ!
Till my team lifting the cup

He messing with the Captain
Then like a goalie rounds
Flying at his abdomen
He steady sleeping on a team
But when he in his dreams
Is only ever time we seen him catch a win
Cup trophy, we can stacking them
Running outta places on my shelf
Never been complacent
Only pacing against myself
Loop Barcelona only made it with some help
And I'm always moving forward
But stay patient with myself

Look, they gon try and play me
Like I wasn't the champion
I made the cut when I packed the stadiums
Live from the Kamogawa gym, they training us
Featherweight champ
My title is the greatest one
At the top, I'm the general
They gon see the pendulum swinging
I hit the dempsey roll
I'm a leave em beat up
And weakened between the intervals
Punches leave em drunk
They flinching with every hit I throw
Monsterous, explosive with the right
Just like a bombing
Blue and purple sight, they see a light
Then they unconscious
I've been underdog rookie of the year
When they see the raised hands, all
Them pussies hide in fear

Thought I was scraps yo
Always had to deal with these assholes
I hit 'em hard
Never been the one who could act slow
Unparalleled, think they noticed I'm
Kinda fast though
Get the last blow
Know that I was never a Glass Joe
Step into the ring, but you best get set
With a swing, it's an uppercut, no head left
And they always try to hit me
With so many death threats
But they probably should've guessed that
I'm not dead yet

Who the hot shot causing all the racket
Seventh grade
You can't ain't even step into my bracket
It won't happen, yeah you lack practice
The young savage known to cause damage
You hear the crowd reaction
I'm the star attraction
So far from average, got it from my daddy
You don't have to ask me
I'm a let you know
You still got a ways to go, ha

Life is a big game of Ping Pong
Energy transfer
I am the problem, the answer
The Yang & Ying
How you come to save and kill the game
Wave like a gawd hoe, feel the flame
The world keep spinning
But I'm still the same
Still insane
Still clap bodies like thunder rain
Still on top like a king, I reign

Tell em it's all downhill from here
But I get at em and even switch up
Came out the shadows with beams lit up
Class is on "S" ain't no average Joes
I slide up, pistol gripped, you Casper, ghost
My mans is cold
Strapped with the langa range
Y'all all Tadashi, snakes, we dot ya face
Put em in the dirt
Wet em up til they thought it rained
No Ollie
But I let it pop like I'm tryna skate yeah

Kim Jong shaking at the knees when I roll up
I love a pork piece in a bowl cut
Judges thinking they were huffing coal dust
Cause I leave em breathless in the
Second that I go strut
Half the stuff I brung
Fax copying your form and styling it back
Blades clash
Every moment on the ice an attack
Feel the pressure like a pair of
Nines tight to my back
So I guess I'll be the great one
Rise to the task

Know I'm always ready
Breathing steady you gone lose
See how she be getting when I
Wet it make a move
Body so athletic
When I stroke it makes typhoons
All of you pathetic when you
Choke what's your excuse
That's speed
Six pack abs jacked, yeah that's me
Stand back, get lapped, that's my team
Now that you're back know that Rin
Now I'm Free! Yuh

Poverty stricken, it's time to use my assets
Always been sporty, friend
Now it's time to pay that back end
Taxin', blastin'
A butt cannon's what I'm packin'
A water baby
Never stagnant about that action
A B rank, but you can see D's in twenty
OK, "Do it for the Yen!" I might
Just do it for the hehe
Ha, men tour my body
But can't touch it like my mentor
Booty booty rockin' everywhere like
This a dance floor

I'll give it to you full throttle
You don't wanna race
In the eight six when I break
Drift you don't got the pace
Since grade six I made trips
Tell my father thanks
I got a lot to prove, but not a lot to say
I got a lot to lose, but homie not today
I heard you got the juice
But you don't want to play
I grab the stick and I move like it's GTA
Had to show and prove I'm the truth
Now they're so afraid

I'm not the one to argue calls
And give you no attitude
I'm that miracle passing dude that's
Throwing up alley oops
I'm a shadow to the light
But I shine in my own way
Like Houdini, now you see me, now you don't
Winning is everything
Behind the back like I'm gossiping
You seen the ball go in
Then best believe it's not from me
I make Kagami look better
So accurate with the set up
You know if time is running out I
Pass the ball and that's forever

Why you think I'm a pass it
Head first to the rim and the basket
I'm impressing all the women in masses
Quick pivot off the dribble
I'm a spin on an Axis
Finger tip flick quick, I don't miss
I'm a cash it
Cheer qirls squeaking like the sneakers
On the hard paint
Genius Hanamichi undefeated when I call plays
Rebound king, I be jumping with it all day
If I catch it for the SLAM DUNK
That's a ball game

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