50 Cent, M.I.A., Switch , Diplo - All I Wanna Do lyrics

50 Cent [Curtis James Jackson III]

Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr.

[50 Cent, M.I.A., Switch , Diplo - All I Wanna Do lyrics]

50! Yeah! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo

First your hear the first shot -
Then you hear the second shot

Then you hear the 4th shot! -
The you hear the 5th shot!

You know a robbery can turn into a homicide
Nigga don't co-operate we break
Him off proper like
Revolver get to spinnin'
Nigga you can spend the night
Planned operation! - Not communicating!
On the table weezin - respirator breathin'

A lil' Henny make the
Nigga wanna spray sumthin'
Dare nigga say sumthin' -
Muhfucka stay frontin'

Until them cats scrap and get to
Blow him for the money
Some got good aim, some got bad aim
So, it's bang bang! - It's
All part of the game every hood is the same
Different faces different names
Different crew different gangs! - Different
Is just the same

Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! "THISIS50CoM"!

MIA third World Democracy "SWAMMIES oN DECK"!
Yeah! - I got more records
Than the KGB TONY YAYO! So uuuuh!
No funny business!
(Are you ready, aiiiiiiight?)

Some, some, some, I some murder
Some I some let goooooo!
Some, some, some, I some murder
Some I some let goooooo!


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