99ZED, MOSSBACK - ​​the balance of life lyrics



[99ZED, MOSSBACK - ​​the balance of life lyrics]

You're but a step for me
A place to put my shoe
An icy stare, complete ask if I love, I do

Once a palace burned, now it's covered in ice
Brother fucked your palace
And now I got me some mice
The essence of hatred is the balance of life
A dying man dies, it's the beginning of time

This is unobtainable
Grab me by the ankles as
We drag you down below this is inescapable
Feel the stinging on your facе
As you face the cold

You're but a stеp for me
A place to put my shoe
An icy stare, complete ask if I love, I do

I'm back, crawling out the mosh
With my fucking brother, bitch
Fuck what you be saying
I ain't hearing none of it
Think that you on top but I
Been scheming on some other shit
Stick 'em by the Devil, doesn't live
We got some other squids

Yeah, ayy, slowly become the sun of heat
Upgrade the feat, no one can heed your mercy
Plead back into my knee
Protect you from the grave underneath
The bodies rotting out the bottom
It's a feed in my trees

Home you gave me dirty
So I gave him your location
T-minus thirty seconds 'til they
Finna break in who you finna pray to
I don't think you gon' make it
Posted in the turf about my
Balls so it's amazing

Some monics said the corpse pop, lockin'
And droppin' we been sonic sending pictures
Jaw dropped in the coffin
Made a promise to the brothers
That we never be stopping
Watchin' the stocks skyrocket to the
Top of the auction

I might let you drown
Try to fight but can't be found

Look who creepin' out the bog, young wizard
Melody seeping into the fog, white liver
Melancholy even after all, I'm withered
Basketing is the pride before the fall
Sun lizard

I got a scale on me 'cause my
Armor made of skin and bones
Blade made of ice
Made your little body runnin' cold
I'm that motherfucker
I don't know if you been told
I got a fat johnson, and two
Nuts, that you get old, bitch

Yeah heavenly blessed of all the
Sick memories succumb
And heavenly sented dealing at
The alter of madness
Mentally calculating the formula
Fatal domination
Over the flesh and it's power of sadness

From the beginning and the end
I'll never be you friend
Got no care in the world and a blunt
In my hand so what's the plan?
99 gon' take over the land and I'ma kill
Everybody make the earth great again, bitch

I might let you drown
Try to fight but can't be found

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