A1, 24hrs, PARTYNEXTDOOR - Pattie Cake lyrics

[A1, 24hrs, PARTYNEXTDOOR - Pattie Cake lyrics]

I know som' skrt
24hrs and I'm with the hitmaker
We got London on the track

Uh, skrrt look me in my face (Face)
Know I'm hella paid (I'm hella paid)
Come and get a taste (Come get a taste)
Uh, uh, hundred on my arm (Hundred on my arm)
Ooh, my watch is foreign (Foreign)
Girl, yo' man is borin' (Borin')
She wanna spend the night (Night)
And bring a friend tonight
I'm 'bout to dim the lights, yeah
Uh, yeah, she wanna sacrifice (Sacrifice)
She got good brain (Sure 'nuff)
And I got good advice

I never won't shine
Like twenty-four hour shine
My bitch be more than nice
My bitch a eighty-eight
But you bet I hit 'em (Uh)
Nothin' less (Less)
Both our diamond ropes (Uh)
Chunky necks (Necks)
And she gon' see the price but not the safe
She gon' see the light with me (Oh, oh)
But I just don't trust her, trust her
Trust her
Bet I'll beat this, beat that, bedroom
Bust it

Drop-top Wraith, yeah, patty-cake (Patty)
She gon' work the pot, never see the safe
(See the safe)
Bust down my wrist, ex can't relate (O oh)
I'ma do the most while them niggas hate
(Woo, woo) mm, na
(Hm) , mm, na (yeah) , mm, na (Oh) , mm, na
Mm, na
(Yo) , mm, na (Work) , mm, na (Hello?) , mm
Na na na na

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