Aleks - Kill bill vol. 1 lyrics

Im a cruiser, a loser im dealing with yakuza
I don't worry bout the future
The way that you maneuver is slow
Maybe cus you smoked all my dope i know
Watch out for the five 0 no
I don't think that i'm mysterious
Im just secretive and it's hilarious
How people get pissed off
Lift off when i finished a spliff
I ripped them off and they know
Right when i drift off what have i become
A young high school dropout making
Music in his basement

Patience, thats the only thing
Need but i'm impatient
Like a little fucking kid in the car
Waiting for his chocolate bar
Now hes growing up in this
Fucked up world fucking
Him up everyday and in every way possible
Psychologically deranged it's comical

But, it's real life
Either live it or don't, it doesnt matter
But i feel like a dreamlike world
You just can't achieve it, so leave it
Leave it alone and go ahead, go
To work, make your buck, I don't give a fuck
Life sucks sometimes but im
Not gonna tell that it gets better
Cus it really doesnt, hey girl
Let me tell you something

You look stunning tonight
Wanna dip back to mine
Smoke a tight doobie while we
Put on scooby dooby
And now she pulling out her boobies
Calm down woman
First let us finish the movie
A few moments pass by like last time
My whole fucking plan would backfire
Right in my face
Im a fucking disgrace and im misunderstood
But, it's all good

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