Artan, GRM Daily - Hardest Out lyrics

Yeah artan
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I just found out my bank account's minus
So I'm standing outside in a silence
I try'n' stay headstrong sometimes I just
Wish you could see what was on the horizon
Man it's, all about timing
It goes to my thoughts
And if smoking kills then
I'm tokin’ my corpse
I'll be zoned out home I'll be listen yo
See I'm bored of emotion pour me a potion
I wanna get waved so I'm smoking a potent
When I'm alone I get bored of the moment
So now I just kick back
Sometimes I spit tracks
Fucked in the head like
I'm snorting a solvent
Now I can see all my problems evolving
It's painful
But I still sing in the rainfall
I never back down that's the aimful
And still I know wise men are realists
But, when I was young I never had nobody
I was looking for guidance, never had nobody
I made a mistake because I backed somebody
Issues progressed and then
He stabbed somebody
That's why I'm depressed I never had nobody
I was looking for guidance, never had nobody
Yeah, , yo these negative thoughts
Tryna send me off course
That's why I keep telling these thoughts
'Ey said 'Keep your head up boy
This energy's yours
And in three years' time you'll
Be headin' on tours'
But I can't describe what kind
Of world I'm in
See I feel like I'm trapped in a world of sin
And my mindset's a castle
And I'm just a joker
Sharing my pain in a verse for kings
You see, I just want the cash in my paypal
Feel like I could crash but
My life didn't payout
Wanted to feel like someone could relate so I
Picked up my phone and holla'd that Jamao
And he was like 'Yo damn
Man it's been so long
If you wanna spit on some
Grime then I'm down'
'Cause lately I ain't been
Fucking with slow songs
So I say 'Find me a beat you can flow'
And I'm totally
One of those dongs with a roach in me
Do I blow up? Hopefully
I wanna make tunes so I make loads o' P
But at the moment this shit seems slow for me
And your prayers never worked so
Just go to sleep hope it's Reece
I'm wavey ocean deep
I hope for me, I wonder if they hope for me
If I kick down the door will they notice me
I'm so unique see that's 's tune
I don't spit like do
I was high when I write these tunes
Cah I'm gassed 'cause I'm flame
So I light this room i'm exciting you
Old school like the Vikings do
Quite in tune getting hyped in tunes
Sick I can't fight this flu
Don't lie I would this tune
Nigga light this tune
See I'm thinking about my life again
Anxiety's taking my mind again
And I don't like rich kids but if I have kids
I think of all the toys I would buy for them
And the mandem don't wanna be inside the pen
So if my fam get nicked I would lie for them
And I don't wanna talk about
Road shit no more
You probably think I might pretend
See, small and white i weren't born to fight
And I'm struggling to battle all
My thoughts at night
So when the demons enter my mind
I just kick back light up a
Zoot and enjoy the ride
When I walk inside it's awkward times
I shut down raves you ignore the mic
Why's your life full of porky pies
Instagram bangs your a boring guy
And that's word on a grape vine
When I write I perverse man I take time

I escape minds
Drive around in the north surf
That's where my thoughts work
I'm just a suit in the daytime
Still I do work in the late night
That's where my mates lie
That's where I roll a lot
And I spark up a zoot and patrol the block
'Cause like i wanna blow this year
Don't care 'bout no views I roll
On my own this year
That is my only fear is that I
Can't help my friends and family
People around me all that I owe this year
That is my only fear
That's why I switched up my tone this year
I get wrapped up warm this the coldest year
Don't think just do
You say 'trust me' I trust few
I've loved grime since I've loved you
I shut down raves you down few
I've got my head screwed on
I don't forget who's wrong
City boy but I still bust my air force 1s
Used to be out till late
When my bus don't come
I'm a grime kid well that's news to you
My team move white like snooker cues
When you're hungry, what will you do for food
Man I used to go halves in a 2 for 2
And I don't care if I go broke again
I will still write bars with a broken pen
If I ever feel that I'm alone again
I'll just pick up my phone and phone a friend
Why? Why? Why? 'Cause it's Artan
When I touch mic I'm a spartan
Man I just skrrt in the scene like a car fam
And I bring waves to the place like a barman
Jesus, why? Why? 'Cause it's Artan
When I touch mic I'm a spartan
Man I just skrrt in the scene like a car fam
And I bring waves to to
The place like a barman jesus
La la la la la artan yeah
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