Avenoir - AFTER HOURS lyrics

[Avenoir - AFTER HOURS lyrics]

We could meet over wine it's a habit
Me and you over wine that's happenin
I'm sorry it's just the dranks too lovely
You got ass
And I got money

2am u still sayin you need it
A nigga can't even get sleep

And now I'm hiding the lust
Time ain't enough
Girl id rather you just

Text me when I'm boutta fly in
I'm speedin for the things that you bring

Know I coulda crashed
In the gallery of your hearts display
What your mind conveyed

Meet wit the moon and stars, baby

Oh ohhhh
Your love in the night
Is the best I can do

Ohhh ohhhhh
The things that you show
Feel somewhat brand new

Where've you been all my life
You make me lose my mind

We must be equals
Cus I can't leave you be

So bless my thoughts tonight
I know you're feelin right

Girl let me take my time
On you let's just see

Put it on me

I know that you cravin somethin brand new

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