BabyTron, GTP DaiDoe - Huge Lifestyle 2 lyrics

Lifestyle (Damn, Machu, why you had to do 'em like that?)

Lifestyle used to be huge
Now this shit colossal
Hellkitties, Trackhawks
We only riding whips with throttle
Rap star
What you think? I'm only hitting models
Explosive tips up in the clip but
I'll switch this bitch to hollows
Apricot Gelato but the Backwood banana flavor
V cut, four of Wockiana, that's an activator
Bitch tryna add the drip up?
Gon' need a calculator
Funny actor showing love now
While y'all fans are haters
EDD and SBA going, now your pockets tapped
All that lying in the booth, pull up on him
Pop his cap
Punch God
Got more jabs on me than a boxing match
Black Amiri jeans
Black Goose with the Glock to match

I be out the way but in
The way like a side nigga
Don't post yo gun if you ain't
Gon' come outside with it
Put a potato on the muzzle, tryna fry niggas
Mama told me
"Put that cup down" but I'ma die sipping
Bitch popped a RP, now she on demon time
We fucking in the Scat Pack
With the seats reclined
If the bitch broke with no pape'
She ain't one of mine
I just dropped a pint in the pop
We ain't pouring lines
Six times four, shit you can't afford
Shirt say BAPE, Bathing Ape
Ain't get it from the store
Crackers got my brother in the gym
Turn him to a s'more

BAPE or the Vlone? Steak always T-bone
White Cartiers, but the chain
That bitch three-tone
Quarter of the Runtz
Catch me jumping from the free throw
Running off at night
He done made me cut the beam on

Pandemic scamming
Now I'm tryna put the team on
Caught a opp
That's a easy shot like a free throw
I be in yo hood hoeing niggas like I'm Debo
Draco on me now
I got this bitch under the pea coat

Run up on the trap
Beat and shot him through the peephole
Seven hunnid dollar zip
Can't you smell the weed strong?
Let the Glock bang-bang and get my Keef on
Dub in the twenty-eight Ksubis
This a meat roll

I done ran my bag up
It ain't no stopping me
If it's smoke, we gon' get active
Fuck apology
But I can't leave my gun at the crib
I feel like twenty-three
A hunnid for the eighthy
We smoking this shit
Exotic weed

Star player
I can feel the whole world watching me
In the hood buying properties like Monopoly
BabyTron, bitch
I'm who yo lil' brother wanna be
Shit talker
I don't think the Sun as hot as me

GFC 2021, I just hit the road in it
A thousand some' P's in the trunk
I ain't tryna hit yo weed, it ain't Runtz
I gotta do the limit on the
Road 'cause police in the cut
Keep that bitch on me, I ain't one of 'em
And if he slide with his mans
We taking some of 'em
Go put the titty on the Glock
And turn the switchie on
Yeah, we tryna slide on the opps
And send a nigga home
Chain, it got some gold riches on it
Don't get me yo site 'cause
I'm going stupid on it
Why doggy tryna fight? I'ma up
That blicky on him
It's gon' be the end of yo life
I might put some bitches on him

Bet my bullies picking on him
Glocks with fully switches on 'em
Need to lace these damn Track.2's
I keep on tripping on 'em
Spot up from the corner
I ain't even have to dribble on 'em
Fast fucker on the freeway
I'm finna wiggle on him
Thousand dollar pop
I might fuck around and sleep for months
If it ain't zaza
Don't even think to swing the blunt
On Saks with a haymaker, finna beat it up
Bin Reaper
You won't even hear me creeping up

(Damn, Machu
Why you had to do 'em like that?)

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