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I am Dream, I hate bell peppers
Bell pepper lovers, do not interact
Now I will sing my favorite song

(Yeah, ah)
Fuck it, let's get it together
I put a chop to the weak bell pepper
Two twin Glocks and they playin' together
You fuck with the bell, you
Get sent to the Nether
Hold up, we mobbin' wherever (We mobbin')
Come with the Glock
Aim the beam at your taco
BPK ride in the Tahoе
Fuckin' with bell peppers
Know you probably don't got hoеs
I send that fuck nigga up (Send him)
Yeah, uh, way up
Shoot like the Clippers, that boy is a lay-up
Trendin' the topic

They probably should pay us
We got the pepper lovers sayin' prayers
But they ain't gon' make it to God
We always ride with the mob (The mob)
Pepper lovers gettin' hit with a rock
(A rock)

Umbrella told me to season my shit
(What the fuck?)
How about you season this dick?
(Season this dick, haha)
How many people I murdered
Over peppers this month?
Fuck it, I'm pleadin' the fifth
I got smoke for every one of you niggas
Pesticides, bitch, I'm pullin' the trigger
And that's facts, nigga, these fajitas
Just know that you wack
Feel like Joe Biden, bitch, you ain't black
Fuck that boy, I'm that nigga
Put a pepper on me and it's wraps, nigga
And I ain't talkin' about
The fuckin' black pepper
Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout the fuckin' bells
Bells, bells, bells, bells
You never ever do me well (Fuck you)

"You don't hate bell peppers
You just hate seasoning your veggies"
Man, Overcast, shut the fuck up!

Ayy, callin' me DPF, trainee to BPK
Still got a three letter right in my name
Slide on a choppa, we killin' that bitch
Nigga gon' talk like this shit was a game
Slide on the block
Hit the slice and the dice
And we takin' that shit
Throw it right in the trash
Why am I arguin'? He pull shit out his ass
His cypher is worse, it's makin' me mad
Lightin' the pack and we smokin' it up
Me and 4cf, we keepin' the cut
Throwin' bullets to every one of you niggas
Say you want a chance, you don't gotta duck

Hop in the whip, hop in the Benz
Fuckin' with peppers, we can't make amends
Get off my dick, you not my friend
I'm with the set, you know how this shit end
(Get your bell chopped off)
(goreset, goreset, goreset)
We got beef, but you got veggies (GORESET)

Bell pepper lovers sure cry
I hear these bitches online, I
Hear them talkin' like
Oh my God
Yeah, shut your mouth or open it wide
Put this shit in your mouth
I see you gaggin' from miles

Fuck them bell peppers
Jalapeños better
I said fuck that umbrella
I drink lemonade forever
BPK, yeah, we together
I switch sides, I had to sell, yeah
Don't let me hear that lame-ass diss
Boy, I shouldn't have to tell ya
You eat bell peppers as a snack
What kinda shit is that?
Momma should hit you with a smack
You said what you said
Don't think you ever turnin' back
And them fajitas, yeah, it's wack
And that pizza, yeah, it's wack
Goddamn, that shit so wack

Know you can't handle the heat
These bells, they gon' send you to hell
Knock down the door, I do not ring
Hammer gon' swing, now you hear bells
Life Alert, this bitch just fell
They taste like shit and they got no smell
How does anybody like them? I can't tell
This time, you did not get saved by the bell

Big Truey jeans and I like how I act
Bell pepper green just like my cash
I got these honies around me, I'm stacked
Screamin' out, stream "What The Fuck"
Now I'm writin' 'bout some
Peppers and bucks
Dick hard, now I'm stealin' a truck
New car, now you're shit outta luck
Take a knife and I cut the pepper
Peel it back, then I stab you
Red, yellow, green, get the message
Ain't nobody fuckin' like you
Now I gotta clean it up
Seeds spillin' like it's guts
Never eat a fuckin' bell pepper
Baby, come suck on these nuts

Y'all really gotta season
Your fuckin' vegetables
Fuck bell peppers, fuck Overcast

Yeah, BP, switchin' sides, yeah
Back me up, bow
BPK until I die, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Bullets to a bell pepper talkin' the talk
BP block got the whitest of talk
BPK got me high, I can't walk
Yeah, lately just bit off the Wock'
Yeah, fell out in the club off Ciroc
Yeah, heard you defending the pepper
Boy, you goofy, McLovin (Okay)
Dissin' the bells and the
Bitches they love it
They wanna pull down my pants
And they suck it
(Come here)
Yeah, ho, like fuck it
Yeah, BPK really gon' bust it, yeah
(Oh, yeah)

Fuck a bell pepper, I'm BPK
Get that fuck shit out of my face
Yeah, BPK, I'ma run this shit back, bitch
Hold up, don't stop this track
How you eatin' that shit? What
The fuck is that?
He has peppers all over my fuckin' pack
That shit ain't a fruit or a veggie
Why you eatin' that shit? Man
I know it's not healthy
I got yo' bitch and she up in the telly
She with me 'cause you got
Peppers in your belly
Yeah, she smelly
Asked my bitch if she like bell peppers
She said yeah, ha
Know I had to leave her ass
(Know I had to leave her ass)

BPK soldier, I'ma fall where I stand
We droppin' bodies, just watch how they land
Bell peppers, ugh
I cannot fuck with these pussies, aw nah
I ain't even try that shit
But I know it sucks
Bell pepper lovers think that they tough
Bell pepper killers, know that we up
I ain't changin' opinions
I don't give a fuck

C4 tucked up in the Moncler
If you not BPK, get the fuck outta here
Reppin' peppers, that's a low bar, low gear
Said she ain't fuck with peppers
Took her on a date
I'm with team, rockin' BPK
You fuck with this shit, so we keep tryna say
Fuck peppers, way too lame
Saw a pepper, ran it over with a Honda
Smoke pepper pack like marijuana
Join BPK, you know you wanna

Feel like Nintendo the way I switch up
All out of luck, BPK don't give a fuck
Bell peppers, they are so yuck, bleh, bleh
Green, yellow and red
Smokin' on broccoli instead
Don't let that shit get to your head
Shit, it just has to be said
Bell pepper lovers are fed

How do you eat those peppers seriously
Like, what the fuck?
Ew, I now be throwin' up
Taste like ass, fuck up my gut
BPK, we own you sluts
Shove your peppers up your butt
I can't stand it, make me sick
BPK, we murder shit
Peppers gettin' murked and shit
Throw them in the dirt and shit

Fuck bell peppers
I'm a gorestepper
You look like a pepperstepper
I'm a go-getter
Never bell peppers (GORESET)
Fuck bell peppers

Ayy, ayy, ayy
Fucking bell peppers
They suck and you know it
Fuckers are fighting for paprika bullshit
All I know that it's just so fucking stupid
Yeah, god-fucking damn
Can't believe fuckers are
Switchin' their lanes
Over some fruity ass fucking your wack shit
All of you bitches know that we are better
Fuckers are crying 'cause
They'll just lose
Bell-Bell peppers suck and the enjoyers too
BPK will take over your crew
They're just hating 'cause they
Hate the truth
They're disgusting and they're the worst
Talk over me and I'll cancel your ass
Yeah, yeah
BPK for life

You like bell peppers for the likes
If you ain't BPK, catch a knife
You talkin' that shit, then we gettin' high
You smokin' on who? You ain't gon' slide
You like bell peppers, you a ho
You love bell peppers, you a bitch
What's up, I got a gun with no sound
Hang with yo' peppers six feet down
Piss on your grave 'cause you is a clown
Keepin' a B, you won't be around
He gonna tweet like that's gon' stop me
I like my greens, I like my wasabi
I like your girlfriend 'cause she got a body
She wanna talk me up 'cause I got money

Fuck a bell pepper, I want cash shit
BPK, bag chasers, bitch, we got that bag
Banana clip, it's twenty feet, bitch
I'm like Donkey Kong
Bell pepper ass bitch, yeah
You're fuckin' wrong
I got nine lives
I got nine knives to yo head
Mask on like I'm Dream, yeah
I'm comin' for your neck

(dowla) Fuck a bell pepper
No matter the time and no matter the weather
She said she like 'em, somebody come get her
Won't ask for no veggies
Know I can do better
Green, yellow, red, like a stoplight
This ain't a competition
I will never not fight
If you like 'em
Then I promise that you are not right
Out of all the veggies
Pepper ain't even a top five

Fuck bell peppers
Fuck bell peppers
Fuck bell peppers
Fuck bell peppers

I done killed so much bell peppers
That when I bite into them
Know a young nigga don't cry
Vegetable vigilante, bell pepper killer
A young nigga crush you up for fun
P-P-P-Pop in that motherfuckin' Tessie
I'm gone
(He had a chef and he's
Chopped 'til he's gone)
Crush a pepper, my favorite cologne (Okay)
She said, babe, you my favorite garçon
Oh, oh (Ayy)

Ring the alarm, I'm jalapeño business
Ooh, don't get it twisted
Not used to leaving witnesses
Fly in that ghost like I'm going bananas
Your mother should've used
Some contraception

Yeah, yeah (Jay, you don't really love me)
III make the AK-47
Sing like a bell when I spray
That bitch all in your face
I hit a new level
If I see any greens, red
Yellow all on my plate
Niz talkin' out his ass
Pull up on his stream
I'ma leave you twitchin' today
Overcast talkin' big
Smash a fuckin' umbrella on your
Head 'til it break
You put that mid little veggie
All up in your mouth
I know you ain't gettin' no bitches
Pull up with rouri, we rippin' the chainsaw
All in your mouth
You get saved by the stitches
Know we had to get the gang involved
If it's in my food, I take it off
Saw the pepper, can't save it all
I can't even fuckin' talk to y'all

You're on the wrong team, yeah
Lay down or you get peppered
Take 'em of the market
These dishes will taste better
School you like professor
(Yes) , leave you red like a pepper (Ha)
Even if we're starvin', eating those
We could never

They said that it'd be fine
That I just gotta try it
But oh my God
It's like I've gotta take a dad shit
I might as well be eating bark off of trees
Or eating skin off your knees
I swear to God
That shit's disgusting

That boy get cut like a pepper, lil' bitch
I'm with the steppers, we stomp on you
I leave you deader than dead
Got your bitch on my header
She givin' me head
Lil' bitch
I got this red and green
Ain't talkin' pepper
You talk down on me
Then this beam leave you redder
This ain't a vendetta
My clique is just better than you
And I'm better than you, lil' bitch
Said fuck a fajita, I feel like Vegeta
Yeah, I keep this heater, put you in a ditch
And if it's up, then it's stuck
But I don't give a fuck
If you duckin' these bullets, better duck
Lil' bitch
(Damn, son, where'd you find this?)

They think they some hot ones
Like Sean Evans
But they ain't sauce like us
Man, it's obvious
Y'all green eaters
But there ain't no green in your funds
Let this shit rip, big pimp kicks
You Beyblade, get spun
(Better watch out, he gon' slide)
I keep a K on me, what's up?
BPK with me, what's up? Lil' bitch
(Better watch out, he gon' slide)
Go fuck yourself, bitch
You could get packed on
B-Bell pepper shit got me sick to my stomach
That reflux
Don't come 'round me with
That stoplight shit
I got big trucks
Shut down a Kroger, rob it
Still one thing in there untouched

I don't even really make music
Y'all confused it
Chose the wrong side, now you'll lose this
All you pepper lovers are so clueless
Not me and my team, yeah, we ruthless

I can't even use FL Studio anymore
BPK matters more, might make you sadder, or
You 'llcall us out and say our
Hate was just uncalled for
Crying, lay on the floor, man
I don't know what your problem is
What you even gonna do? I
Wake up and ratio you
Tetra gained some clout from this
But I just got her beat times two
Oh, so sentimental
I'll write on this instrumental
Forcing you to just repent and accept
That bell peppers are mid

Oh oh
I can't fuck with no bell pepper lover
BPK all day, couldn't be no other
I'm 'bout to cook and I
Ain't usin' no bell peppers
How you gon' talk all of that
Shit knowing that we're better?
Shoutout NEUTRA
'Cause it's f-f-fuck bell peppers
All day every day
Red and green, man, they all the same
Umru kinda fye, but your tastebuds ain't
SEBii like 'em too, gotta get 'em all out
Losers on that cypher
But they 'bout to go down
Call it DOA, 'cause them peppers a mistake
COVID long term, way y'all got no taste

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
These peppers the worst
(These peppers the worst)
That shit is a
If you ain't on our side, uh
I don't wanna taste it
Niz, you talkin' so bold
(They taste like shit)
You smell like mayo
Been likin' peppers since day one
Fatass bitch, go back to Slayworld

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