Central Cee - Lemon Pepper Freestyle lyrics

Central Cee

Central Cee [Oakley Neil H T Caesar-Su] London, UK

[Central Cee - Lemon Pepper Freestyle lyrics]

I had to be patient and
Wait until my day come
Now I'm the latest trend like I'm A1 and J1
I'm on Jamera beats, As-salamu alaykum
Torn between the Cullinan or
The Bentley Bentayga london City
There's only so much you get away with
They feel threatened 'cah they know how
Far that I can take it
I was gonna get the flag and
Go and fuckin' wave it fuck that
I showed 'em the waters but
They went and snaked it
I don't wanna stab him up
I wanna leave him brainless
Put him on a T, seeming he wanna be famous
Free the guys, huh
I ain't read a book in ages
Oh, now you wanna see mе
Shout my booking agent got some fame
I feel thе same but I got more money
I'm used to losing brothers that
Said that they got me
I'm used to hearing women lie
And say they love me
I'm used to hearing random people
Claim they're my buddy
I'm used to hearing rumors
From people around me
I'm used to old school friends
Tryna bait out my govvy
I'm used to people looking down 'cah
They think they're above me
I'm used to people looking up to me
They think the sky is sunny
And the grass greener
They do dirtier when your heart cleaner
You must think that you go gym and that
Your top bigger
That these bullets won't hit your head
Top jigga the president of Warner Records
Wanna meet for dinner
My ex just sent a funny text
So I leave on delivered
Kelis look a lot better since I got with her
Emily look kinda funny since she got filler
I told her send a nudes
She told me send a dick pic
I told her don't be silly, babe, be realistic
She got me in the mood and
Now I wanna risk it every time I bust a nut
I get to move in distant
Wish I can disregard it, forget that I did it
A lot of niggas feel the same
But they fail to admit it
I'm cleaning up the game
I swear I'm too domestic
When I talk about the riches
They ain't too receptive
So I talk about the struggle and
Pain that I went through
If me succeeding hurts your feeling
I intend to offend you
Didn't even post a flyer
I just sold out the venue
Like what did I tell you I
Said I'd make a difference
There gonna ask a question then
Go judge my preference
So I don't wanna do no interviews
I leave them guessing
No, I don't wanna do no features
I don't need the leverage
No punchline, sold 400, 000 records
I still ain't signed a deal and
That's just for the record
How the fuck you buy a chain
Before you got a mortgage
Should've done it how I done it
But they did it backwards
Used to be my favourite rapper
'till I overlapped him
Market value going up, I'm doing mathematics
Cench appealing to the masses
Different demographics
Course I tried to bring him in
He never had it in him
I got love for the guys that
Are glad that I'm winning
I failed to go and renovate all
The traps that I've been in
Even when I had no bands
I had a bag of women
I won't say that I was poor
I had a humble beginning
I lived a movie god directed
I'm the co-director
Got me all up in the charts
Right next to Dua Lipa
Came into the game to pay my rent
Not make a friend
I won't bother tryna send a threat
I'll save my breath

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