Chicano Batman - Manuel's Story lyrics

The other day my uncle told me a story
He said, "Son, it gets a bit gory."

"One night I had to flee and leave my land
My older brother stole some heavy contraband
They came for him, he wasn't there, they came for me
The drug cartel made me a refugee"

"Two motorcyclists came towards me
Right away I knew they were the enemy
I saw the malice in their eyes
But I held a .22 to their surprise"

"The gunman jumped off the back of the bike
Cold blooded terror is nothing I like
Adrenaline rippin' apart my brain
Couldn't let these killers erase my name"

"I let a bunch of bullets fly
Then I took off running towards the sky
I'll never know if they got hit
But there was nobody behind me when I split"

"I ran back home as fast as I could
No choice now I had to leave for good
I packed a bag the few things I own
Deal gone bad will never leave me alone"

"I heard a dozen cars creep by
Mercenary always sly
They were ready to take my life that day
That's why I live right here 500 miles away"

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