Country Dons, Charlie Sloth - Fire In The Booth, Pt.1 lyrics

Now it's time to rumble
Skum (skum, skum)
Country dons in the building

Yea jheez
Check it
They gonna hate to see you doing
Something that they can't
I wanna be there at the finish
Not there from the start
Girls say I ain't got no heart
I ain't Tony Stark
Bro fucked up with some change
And I ain't tripping
Nigga, that's my darg
Fans come for grub
That's two ways that I give them bars
We're chasing pagans around the ends
And playing bumper cars
My young boys, they ying you down

They don't know martial arts
My akhi bros are riding out on Eid
My girl gets anything she wants
No she don't have to ask
How's this dead ting talking rude
And she don't have no arse
We making money from the streets
We don't need no advance
You bring the snow in to the ends
Make it avalanche
I see the fear in them
My bro got 27 years, I shed a tear for him
He'll be a legend on the
Wing just like Arjen Robben
Don't get it twist
Cah where we're from we
Started from the bottom
Just pree how I'm coming
And don't be thinking
Cah we're popping we ain't
Out 'ere shotting
My guys break bricks down every month
Go and work the profit's
My pagans lives are shambolic
I'm just being honest
Still see them on the mains
Put their face up on the car bonnet
They ain't nothing like my country dons
Their far from it
I'm in the kitchen whip
Whipping up narcotics
Girls see my poll it makes them strip
They wanna dance on it
Course I got my bro back then
We were going halves on it

You know I'm fully gassed
Anytime a pack lands
Started from the bottom to the top
I'm with my right hand
I found the right plan
I dish it out and stack bands
I still got my ahki's down to war
Like we're in afghan
And I'm connecting all these bricks
Like it's Tetris
Cah them boy rookie in this trap game
We veterans
Came in through the exit
We leave through the entrance
That's racks in my mouth
But that's a different type of dentist
And let me take you back
To where this shit started
It was a pack of haze I turned
I it into a stack of papes
All I knew was vacking bags
Never had no handed plates
I'm on a paper chase I'll show
You how to money make
You know I'm trapping hard I
Pull up in an SVR
Dick her down in yard she loved it
I ain't gotta take her shard
My bro slapped shells out the
Whip like it's Mario Kart
In 014 licking shots, like I'm Demba ba
And I'm a trapper not a rapper
I don't need no clout
Slim waist big back
I tell her make it bounce
But never put a bitch before the
Lizzy because we love these pounds
I'm up and down
Life's like a merry go round

Trap so busy ma nigga I need a cat flap
And if I catch an opp
I ain't loading up snapchat
Cali in my zoot I be rolling up a backstrap
And if my brudda calls me
You know I'm gonna back that
(It's heating up)
Is she with me for the money
Or is it for the fame
Came out of the trap and put
Some diamonds on my chain
Trapping's in my blood it's
Coursing through my veins
Millionaire trapboy just like
I'm Bruce Wayne
Your girls in my dms imma make her cum again
They been saying that they pop smoke
They been bunning blems
Stabproofs around here it gets splashy
I'll put knife to flesh so don't at me
I got nice garmz but I'm always in a trackie
I don't need a good girl
I'm tryna get a baddie
And if I get the drop
Then we're rolling to your addy
Driving skidding around like they're
Doing up a rally
Trapped in this game like Jumanji
Bro always double checks when I leave the
House I got it on me
Feds or these chicks tryna cuff me
And ever since I come up
All I hear is can you buss me
He's got an X on his back
But it ain't off-white
Crab in a sea, I'm a big great white
So much ice on my neck I get frostbite
Years on the curb
And now I live that boss life

Country dons in the building
C'mon then
Cd's shit
I see you guys I see you guys aight
Whoo now we ain't done yet
Never done yet c'mon
You wanna get it again yh
Let's go let's go
Mhm Mhm
Country dons
Let's do it
Final lap let's get 'em

We spent six figures on squares
Tell them bitches to come in pairs
Them man soft like gummy bears
There ain't many niggas like me, it's rare
Like them creps I'll take both pairs
She's talking mad she'll soon get aired
Your line is damaged it needs repair
Need a price let's go compare
I jud'a jewels no need to brag
Buss that ape this ain't no tag
Fully connected don't get no lag
Opps run hurdles they work at a track
If you heard about who did it
I really rap what I'm living
If you touch bro I ain't forgiving
Try tell him stop but he ain't listen
My young boys on a mission
I push bricks out full commission
I can't see no competition
10 racks'll have you missing
Times changed got a pool in my yard
No construction got bricks on the car
So much drip can fill a reservoir
I'm meeting my cats no time for seminars
8 bags on these stars
Got my tings ain't gotta go hard
All from the trap don't need no advance
She wants big boobs, I gave her implants
Served at a black bush like I'm a trader
Middle finger to all my haters
Fuck the feds they put me in a paper
Messing with my shqipes and
They will erase ya

Running out of luck I need a trip to Ireland
I tell my girl go pack your bags
I'll take you around the islands
The hogwarts coming to the booth
And bought a couple Feynman
I thrown the plug a tenants say
I need a ting that's silent
I get this gwop then milly rock
Your city and my village locked
I know you like to flex a lot
My bro's be in your chimney top
They didn't wanna pay the costs
Give up trapping, said it's long
My traps jumping giddy up got Tinchy Stryder
Pixie lock
Will they miss me when I'm gone
I'm getting tipsy off the rum
They ain't got hart like kevin you silly
They ain't on no ride along
And I know she's bad as fuck
Because she like her titties sucked
Anytime I got it tucked she feel
It when she back it up
I had to risk my freedom
They wanna be a boss they
Don't know the meaning
Kitties feining
If I miss that call
They're moving disobedient
Main road, tryna count me cash
They'll have to hold a beating
I know I'm bait
Cut through with my ramz
Them boy are skeeming
Make her buss it down and
Spin it round and round
They bet against me now the cat ain't on me
I'm making money now
I'm in the trap surrounded by some
Cats but these ones don't meow
I took an L
And I made it back nobody helped me out

Fly brudda like I'm peter pan
This ain't no never lands
Cookies by the pack this ain't no Marylands
I'm trapping for them heavy
Bands I don't want
That bitch if shes on every man
Can tell you about my life you
Wouldn't understand or even comprehend
I'm on the strip I've gotta blend they
Took my brudda gave him ten
Country dons until the end
Family ting like fuck her
Friend she's moving mad
I'll fuck her friend throw a rack up on
Her like go on then buss it then
And she keeps telling me she loves
Me since this rap shit
Funny that she never loved me
When I never had shit
And I can't entertain their beef cah
Them boy don't come match fit
Ninety minutes gone three packs
Sold that's a hattrick
(perfect, kia)

Country dons in the building
Jheez Gangshit
Are you man with
Hard Hard
And that right there that right there is
What you call fire in the booth

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