Daniel Di Angelo - Temptations lyrics

I've got a girl at home
She thinks I'm on my own
She thinks I'm writing
Music but really I'm not alone
I see you two times a week
When I shouldn't be at all
And no I don't ever cheat so
Please try to keep your
Knees closed girl cause
I've got all these temptations

Temptations i've got all these temptations
Temptations temptations
I'm cruisin' the streets with the
Baddest bitches in LA and
My baby thinks that I'm in the caymans
I'm a good guy making mistakes that
I never even go through all the way with
Maybe it's not my fault
Maybe it's just my nature
Maybe I drink too much maybe I need a chaser
I'm doing the dance with a girl that
I'd never even kiss on the lips
Girl I gotta cut this off
Girl it is what it is
Yea you're saucy, lips poppin' and glossy
But I gotta stop fuckin' with
You and your posse
You say that you don't want
To see me no more
I don't think I'll ever see you no more
But I'm only gonna tell you one thing
I don't need your love baby

Temptations temptations
I don't need your temptations temptations

I've got a bad bitch and I'm calling her
She's far from average and I wanted to
See her do damage on her own
Says she's not lonely, just alone
I won't have someone to go home to if
I don't fix this mess on my own
I won't be salvaged if I'm wrong
Baby I want you to rescue my soul
Cause I know you're perfect
I don't think that I deserve it
I want you to know that I cried all night
All of my feelings just surfaced
And baby I think that it's fine to
Tell you that I always loved you
You don't have to say it back right now
I know you're hurting from my truth
And all of my goddamn temptations
Temptations i don't want no temptations
Temptations temptations

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