DD Osama, Notti Osama, Blockwork - Aftermath lyrics

OYOGZ, don’t add a K, if you add a K
Get shot in your face
Set Da Trend a bitch, get off our
Dick, if you spinnin’ to hit, jB inna ditch
I smoke JayRipK, D & D dDK to CMV
I tell DDot get them bucks
We gon’ blow like TNT
Catch C Blu, his life really mine
Y’all mad JayRipK in the sky
Nas EBK, he a whole dick rider
He was feinin’ to be outside
OYOG till the day that I die
Imma demon just look at my eyes
I ain’t no rapper I really tote glizzy’s
Talk on bro 5 shots at your kidney
Throw up the Trendy, we aim for his belly
Smoking JB, got me feeling deady

Come on, come spin, Glock on my waist
I’ve been dyin’ to click
JayRipK got sent to JB, smoking on Lotti
Got mе feelin’ lazy

We gon’ spin through the Sev
With likе two or three chops
Flock at a flocka his body gon’ drop
And we go to the Rey tryna find C Blu
Catch melly I’m letting it boom
Boom back at the Kelly
He movin’ funny get shot in your belly

I can’t wait ‘til I catch me a Gunna
Two or three shots go right through they ribs
How you let niggas fuck your bitch
ReyWeyK all that shit to my dick
You said you a steppa, you won’t do the step
Come to the Hill we gon’ see who’s next
Die 5, Die 4’s, Die 2’s
I see a opp imma up it and boom

5th to the Sev they both gon’ die
Flock and the flock got sent to the sky
Like Lay, JayRipK, they got me dead
SevK’s a whole lotta deads
2’s to the Gz they both gon’ die
What you did in the streets it don’t matter

We spin for opps, move ‘za right after
Stick to the script and
We flippin’ the chapter
SevSideK, man them niggas is actors
Diss me why the fuck would you bother
Set Da Trend, I’m smoking your father
Gon’ geek off a perc’, I ain’t buggin’
Fuck the Gz, they never on nothin’
Wit’ my lil bros, get to dumpin’
You think it’s sweet
They ain’t goin’ for nothin’
DDot gon’ geek, put the beam on his pumpkin
It get up, we gon’ dump it, kick her out she
I ain’t dissing these niggas
Gotta get out and shoot at his chain
Ain’t no runnin’ and duckin’
He ain’t goin’ in that buildin’
Imma demon, you don’t know
How the fuck is you dropping my O
Got clapped, should’ve watched the back door
If you know den you know

Everything dead nigga suck my dick
Smokin’ JayRipK suck my dick
Everything dead glah
And it’s Blockwork bitch
Glah, Glah, boom nigga

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