DD Osama - E4N (feat. SugarHill Ddot, Roscoe G, Dudeylo, JStar Balla, Edot Babyy) lyrics

[DD Osama - E4N feat. SugarHill Ddot, Roscoe G, Dudeylo, JStar Balla, Edot Babyy lyrics]

Grrah-grrah everything for Notti
Suck my dick osama sin, nigga
Y'all niggas know what the fuck goin' on
J Star, Ewokk everything for Notti

Everything for Notti
That's just how I'm steppin' (Like, like)
If you talkin' on bro
We gon' stretch 'em, like
Hop out the V, face shot
We gon' drench 'em (Grrah)
Call the O's, they outside in my section
Like hope them niggas posted on they block
Spin wit' Ddot and DD
They letting off shots (Grrah)
How you just caught a P? talkin' to the cops
Like, fuck that, every opp, i get shot
(Grrah, grrah)

Yo, Star
I told Notti to stay out the streets (Grrah)
Wish I was there so it would've been me
(Grrah, grrah-grrah, boom)
Bro, you know I lost bro
He was always gon' geek
When he caught 'em a opp
He was fеindin' to squeeze (On bro)
Now I'm hurtin', I'm sad and alone
I got you lil' bro
I'ma hold on your chrome
(Whеn I catch a-, i'ma hold on your chrome)

I remember them times I
Was huggin' the block (The block)
Like, Notti and DD
Creepin' through the spot
(Through the spot)
"Ayo, Star, why you be totin' on knocks?"
(Grrah) like, "Listen lil' bro
Some niggas want my top" (Grrah-grrah)
Like, I always told y'all to focus on life
(Grrah) if a opp in the spot
Better tote y'all a chop (Grrah-grrah)
And bro I'ma miss you
This shit ain't gon' stop (Like)
And it's big Osamas on my block

Everything for Notti
You know what the fuck goin' on
Forever fourteen, nigga, niggas know what
The fuck goin' on, nigga, word to bro
Fuck you talkin' 'bout? Nigga

If you mention Brodie, you feeling my pain
Like, RIP notti, for him, i'ma flame
(Everything for Notti)
I got you lil' bro, i'ma carry ya' name
Yeah, this shit never stop
We put on for you, gang, like (Grrah-grrah)
This shit hit the hardest, when
I saw you lay down, it's so heartless
Your body went up, they get wit' us
Just started
Catch me a nine, then I'm goin' retarded

He say I ain't tough but that nigga cappin'
(Nigga cappin')
Slidin' for Notti, like, nigga
What happened? (What happened?)
Smokin' on Lotti, got sent to the past
Told RJ, he got 'em, no cappin', like
(No cappin')
Slide on the opps for the drill
Dudeylo got it, he packin' the steel
(Packin' the steel)
I'm with DD, he goin' for the kill
Lil' Ddot, he got it, he scorin' for real
(For real)

If you talkin' on Notti
We'll shot to your chest
(Everything for Notti)
Fuck that, yeah, you meeting your death
(Grrah) whole lotta killers behind me
Call up DD, you know he beside me
I'm a young nigga, shit gettin' crazy
Walk down gang, leave a nigga lazy
Lost my brother, this shit really hurt
If you talkin' on Notti, get put on a shirt

L-Lost my mans
How the fuck you gon' tell me to chill?
(Grrah-rrah) they don't know why I'm
Poppin' these pills (Grrah)
T on T, i'on think I can heal
Gotta stay wit' my Glock, yeah
I'm stuck in the field (Grrah-grrah, boom)
Lil' DD my brother, I got 'em forever
Know he hurt, so we flockin' together

Like, Kenneth, Kev, Matt, Lotti (Lotti)
So how y'all gon' speak on bro name? H-How
Many times I threw shots and y'all ran?
Free Banga, he stuck in that can (Grrah)
That That bitch gon' line y'all
I gave her a band (Grrah)
Hollows gon' hit 'em, make a nigga dance
Nigga out on bail, he still tryna tweak
They gon' run when they see that it's me
Like chase down gang, beat him out his sneaks
Ayo, E wit' the Dot, put holes in that V
(Slidin' wit' knocks, bitches tryna bang)
Notti, I got you, it's never gon' end

Everything for Notti (Grrah-grrah)
Grrah-grrah (Suck my-) Lil' Notti Gang
Suck my dick, nigga (Lil' Notti Gang)
OY (Everything for Notti, nigga)
Y'all know why, niggas go get that nigga
Shh (Grrah, everything for Notti, nigga
Y'all know what the fuck goin' on osama)
Ayo, Nine rackK, everything for Notti
You heard?

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