DD Osama - Freestyle lyrics

Tell Notti, "yeah, we made it"
I'm a big, so I'm movin' a lil' famous
Stay wit' the killas andbeside me
'Case some pussy niggas try to try me
Call up the Makk's
 he gon' slide wit' the knocks
Red blocks,  so I'm sippin' on wock
Call a opp thot, she gon' come to the spot
I make sure the whole gang get top
And if she the line
She gon' die wit' the opps
We do all that, shh, one shot to the top
Three opps got packed on the island
Smokin' some jets, yeah, they
Shit got landed, grrah
Yeah, they mad 'cause I throw up the O
But fuck it, it go how it go
When Notti threw eight, threw fifteen more
When we bend through the throw, throw, throw

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