DD Osama, DeePlay4Keeps - Let's Do It lyrics

[DD Osama, DeePlay4Keeps - Let's Do It lyrics]

Rrah, rrah every opp shot, rrah
Grrah, grrah, grrah-grrah-grrah
Get that nigga
It's that Dee Play4Keeps niggaOs
Up, never Gz, you heard
Y'all niggas know what the fuck goin' on, man
It's that DD nigga
Now look, uh huh, get that nigga oY, OY, OY
Grrah, bang
Os, let's do it, yeah (Grrah-grrah)
Grrah, Os, let's do it
Os, let's, now hol' on, uh huh, ah

They like Sha Gz, you on what? (Grrah)
Like your mans ain't get shot in the butt
(Grrah-grrah) keep talkin' on Notti
Can't wait 'til I see you (On bro)
I'ma have your stomach lookin' see-through
Woo, Rah Rah (Lotti) one got poked
And the other got shot in his matha
Like, these niggas is dirty and bummy
Catch me a Bunny, we gon' make him hop
O-O, let's do it like Wa, like Waka (Grrah)
Cook a nigga like it's pasta (Grrah, grrah)
Heard it's 2 through the 8, they get flocked
They totin' on guns, don't spin no blocks
(Boom) she let me put it right on her titty
(Ah, right in her)
Wе the face of Harlem, Os up, nеver Gz
We runnin' the city
Talk on Notti, know Lefty ran Ricky
(Ricky) , dickhead (Ricky)
And I'm ReywayK (On bro)
Catch a Crip, you know I'ma spray (Grrah)
C Blu a kid, shot himself with the blick
I know Rippy ran Rick and died (Died)
Opp thot, she wastin' my time (Grrah)
Smokin' Nazzy, got sent to the sky (Nazzy)
But C-HI I really get me lit
C-HI I really get me high (C-HI I)

Yeah, like, Os, let's do it
Hop out we gon' shoot 'em
Run down Gang, we gon' boom 'em
Yeah, like, Os, let's do it
Os, let's do, Os, let's do
Os, let's, Os, let's do (Grrah-grrah)

I feel lil' DD (Ah) , I love him a lot
Try to run up, I flock through the 'cleezy
(I flock through the cleezy)
Opp thot, she movin' too kinky (Too kinky)
Hit once, the pussy was stinky
(The pussy was stinky)
Let's do it, let's do it step in the party
Everybody geek to our music
And for Honcho and Notti and
Country we do this
We the Os, like, how is we losin'?
Too tact, make that nigga back up (On bro)
Throw a shot if he yellin' out, "Hat's up"
Spin through the Nick
He get hit with the Makk truck (LVK)
Okay, let's see what he on
He was talkin' on bro, now he in a song
Heard it's bigger than that
Nigga run up, then I'm flickin' his hat
Lil' thottie a fan
She was jackin' the opps so
That bitch got slapped
No, I can't go out like Matt
I stay with my Gat
Rah Rah, Lotti, Lani, Frost, packed (Ah)
Any opp that I saw, I was quick to react
Lil Mo Kartii didn't get back so y'all
Need to stop all the cap
Off the liquor she throwing it back
Yo, Eli, what the fuck? Like
How many niggas got put in the blunt?
We smoke Lotti, that nigga runtz
(That nigga runtz)
She say I'm cocky, she gotta front
Opp thot tryna line me
She gon' die with me and my gun
Let off two, why they run?
Everything for Notti, this shit not for fun

Yeah, like, Os, let's do it
Hop out we gon' shoot 'em
Run down Gang, we gon' boom 'em
Yeah, like, Os, let's do it
Os, let's do, Os, let's do, like
Os, let's do it yeah, likeOs, let's do it
Hop out we gon' shoot 'em
Run down Gang, we gon' boom 'em
Yeah, like, Os, let's do it
Os, let's do, Os, let's do, like
Os, let's do it

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About the song DD Osama, DeePlay4Keeps - Let's Do It

DD Osama and DeePlay4Keeps recently released their highly anticipated track "Let's Do It." The music video showcases their collaboration and has garnered diverse reactions from fans. With a mix of excitement, nostalgia, and controversy, the song has sparked discussions among listeners. In this article, we delve into the reaction, reviews, and opinions surrounding the track, providing a comprehensive analysis of the fans' perspectives.

The release of "Let's Do It" has generated a considerable amount of attention and engagement from fans worldwide. The comment section of the music video on various platforms showcases the eagerness of listeners to share their thoughts and reactions. The track's catchy beats and energetic delivery have resonated with many fans, who express their excitement and love for the song.

The appearance of Edot Baby, a former collaborator and beloved member of the music community who passed away, has stirred strong emotions among fans. Many fans were surprised and moved to see Edot Baby in the music video, leading to discussions about his legacy and the impact he had on the music scene. This nostalgic element has allowed listeners to reminisce about earlier collaborations and appreciate the bond between artists.

While the majority of fans have embraced "Let's Do It" and praised DD Osama's performance, there have been some criticisms and controversial comments as well. Some listeners expressed disappointment with DeePlay4Keeps' verses, finding them lackluster in comparison to DD's energetic delivery. Others questioned the decision to include or remove certain artists from the track, leading to debates about the artistic choices made in the production.

One of the highlights of "Let's Do It" is the reconciliation between DD Osama and Ddot, who previously had a falling out. Fans are delighted to see the artists back together, expressing their support and encouragement for their renewed friendship. The music video symbolizes unity and camaraderie within the music industry, fostering a sense of togetherness among fans and artists.

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