Down With Webster - Let Me In lyrics

Hey, I want four shots. Pour me four shots. And you see this girl here?
You give her five shots, she wants five
So, me four, your pouring me four shots, and give her fi- wait, no, she wants six

I stepped in the club like what up, (what up?)
Then move straight to the dance floor, sippin on __
Yeah, I saw a nice ass, and some really nice pants
But I really don't dance, so I get her with the __
I was high off the greenery, stepped to her easily
She's all like, "Cam, my last guy cheated me." (what?)
Well, I'm just trying to get you off, But I can always say
I love you with my fingers crossed
She knew that it was on, so I lit up the cron
She said ,"You shouldnt smoke!" Bitch, you ain't my mom, bitch!
And I ain't trying to bring sexy back
But I just want to bring my hands where your breasty at
She get a little crunk and scoreboard skunk
Got head in the bathroom and drove home __
That's just the moral of the story: I wake up with a blunt, go to bed with a fourty

Pick your ass up off the floor
Come on, you ain't done yet, drink some more
We ain't stop til the break of, break of

Storm up in the club with the lean, fresh to death, I'm so clean
Bitch, You know what I mean
I dont cut with it, cut with it, lean
She aint a girl looking for stink, come and join my team
You aint gotta be my starting forward
Cause I got a place for you to warm up
Chirp on the slurp on, activate
Eh yo, pass that blunt, let me blow that, __
Yes my head is spinning like a blender
So line up that shots, tip the bar tender
Step up in the club, yeah like who that there?
Move that there, i love how you do that there
Eh, limited Cohiba from the Cuban. __ you could call it the __
I ain't human, I'm mostly twisted, these fools never shoulda let me in!

Start the next day feeling fine, except for the ringing in my ear and the tingle from the __
Never teach an uptown girl how to wine, next thing you know I'm getting caught with the __
Security man, oh damn, I better scram, but It's hard trying to leave with these shots in my hand
Coat check, huh? I ain't got a coat, It's 30 below, so anybody got a smoke?
I made my way back to the patio, then this home girl's calling out, "Patty, Yo!"
I love sex, but she really wants it badly, though
She says, "Wont to take me back to your caddy, bro?"
Don't make me have to go and call your daddy, hoe
I got subway tickets in the cab to go
Back to my crib, that's where you met my friend
And now I'm back at the club trying to get back in


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