Ekoh, Nate Vickers - Hurt Myself lyrics

Ekoh [Jeff Thompson]

Nate Vickers

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, Ekoh and Nate have once again delivered a powerful collaboration that resonates deeply with fans. The raw emotion encapsulated in their latest track has sparked a myriad of reactions, showcasing the profound impact music can have on individuals. As a dedicated music editor, I delve into the vibrant tapestry of fan responses to capture the essence of this musical journey.

[Ekoh, Nate Vickers - Hurt Myself lyrics]

I can't make you pray for me now
Don't need your sympathy, I
Just want the love that I deserve when
All I do is Hurt Myself

I been tryin to hide but I know
It’s just a matter of time until I break down
All the stress that I hold too much weight now
Got these pills I don’t really wanna take
But it feels like I walk in the devils playground
Rain clouds in the head too often
Brain dead in the bed that’s a coffin
Havin thoughts of the head blown off
Every time that I close my eyes, NO STOP IT
I don’t think that anyone gets it so
I don’t wanna tell anybody
What really goin on in my head
I just wanna be alone and listen
To the music and let it tell me the way
I need to feel so I don’t think I’m defective
It’s getting worse everyday that’ll pass
Getting too high I just wait for the crash
Started when I met my dad and then he left again
Abandonment the only thing I expect
And can’t dream when I’m in a nightmare
Everything goes wrong, what do I care?
Tryin to grab happiness cuz it’s right there
But I slips thru the grip and
It’s gone in an instant, a misfit
Insisting on always tryin to fit in
Got a need for the love but for me I don’t give shit
Enemies wanna see me fall and i feel like
I’m at the last resort and bout to give in

Churches start to feel like prison cells
Cuz everybody'd rather judge than help
I can't make you pray for me now
Don't need your sympathy, I
Just want the love that I deserve when
All I do is Hurt Myself

Just tell me I'm okay
Tell me this is life and it’ll all work out in the long run
If it's not true, lie to me cuz
I need some hope to help me out when the hearts shut
Detached i barely feel alive
Tell me this is all worth the pain and time
I been slippin now, barely got the grip
Where is all the friends who said they would stick by me?
Look into the eyes, see, right into the soul
Weighed down so heavy but im highly emotional
But never vulnerable the bandwidth
Too much bout to overload or overdose
No one close when I got something inside
I really hate and wanna cut and let it bleed out
Hard to let in the light, when there’s a critic inside
That won’t stop speaking up, bringing me down
Feeling like I’m in a battle with 2 different people inside of me
The ones who been trying to hold me
Together is not the one who’s in the drivers seat
I’ve got this need to escape to the point where
I’m sick of my f’n sobriety
Losing my footing, and I wish somebody
Would tell me that I'll be okay if i try to be

Churches start to feel like prison cells
Cuz everybody'd rather judge than help
I can't make you pray for me now
Don't need your sympathy, I
Just want the love that I deserve when
All I do is Hurt Myself

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About the song Ekoh, Nate Vickers - Hurt Myself

The sentiment echoed by many fans is one of love and appreciation for the song. The initial comment, "Raw emotion this one," sets the tone for the rollercoaster of feelings experienced by listeners. It's evident that the song strikes a chord, with the user expressing both admiration and a touch of internal struggle. The phrase "it eats at me too" highlights the profound connection individuals can forge with music, turning it into a mirror reflecting their own emotions.

The collaborative effort between Ekoh and Nate receives praise for its excellence, with one fan acknowledging, "@ekohmusic snapped his fingers on this one." This sentiment is echoed by another user who describes the song as a "superb" piece, expressing love for the duo's chemistry. The synergy between the artists is evidently a key factor in the song's success.

Diving into the comments, the term "beautiful" emerges frequently, emphasizing the appreciation for the song's poignant lyrics. Fans connect with the emotional depth, with one listener proclaiming it as their "new favorite." The association with "Big Linkin Park vibes but on the next level" suggests a nod to the powerful and evocative nature of the track.

The emotional impact of the song transcends geographical boundaries. The user from Brazil sees the essence of music as a form of personal expression, stating, "Music is when you tell people how you feel and don't care what they say, and you do it in your own way not somebody else's." This perspective underlines the universal language of music, transcending cultural differences.

Amidst the sea of positive reactions, a particularly poignant response emerges. A fan shares a personal connection, revealing how the song resonates deeply with their struggles, even relating to a recent medical procedure. Such heartfelt testimonials emphasize the therapeutic role music can play in individuals' lives.

The enthusiasm doesn't stop there. Fans express a desire for more collaborations between Ekoh and Nate, speculating on the possibility of a joint album.

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