ERIC NORTH - Angel Riot lyrics

Oh (Yuh) okay (Ayy)
So we gon' (Ha ha ha) and shit, okay
All this collateral shit, okay
Alright, fuck it, I like it a little (Cire)
Okay, whatever, uh

I never talk the shit
Niggas only walk the shit
I pour that bitch a drink of piss
Until she stumble with a lisp
Blogs put me on a list
And niggas steady talking spoof
Niggas pussy, niggas spam
I hang the Ruger to his tooth
Niggas jousting with a knife
I put the carbon to his neck
I split his fucking throat to pieces
Then get Logi with the tech
The fucking best to mess up
Kiss miss? Address? yeah
Dismiss my dick, my piss stains her dress up
Fondling with my Dickey's
I mark the bitch up with hickeys
I tell her to leave at
Six because Jessica's fucking Brittney
And I just wanted the clip
Sorry you're not amused
I just hate every bitch that I've
Met in a month or two
You see, society's a fault, and, bitch
It's probably your fault
I hope you fucking feel like shit
Because I fucking hate you, bitch
I fucking, fucking hate you, bitch
I really fucking hate you, bitch
You know what? Nah, fuck it, fuck it
I'll just rap about some other dumb shit
DIVERSAUNIT with the shooters
I shoot at student with rulers
I make collateral damages
Spread 'em out like a tumor
It's rumored I had a room full
Of bloody hands and a cooler
A cougar, a couple cooters
A tiny banner from Hooters
Off with their fucking heads
I just wanted 'em dead
Convinced me to go outside
Now there's bodies all in the shed
Mentality made of bones
Psychosis is on the phone
It's screaming and fucking yelling at
Eric to bring him home
I disconnected the phone
Ran to his mother's home
Drop a body of a human
It almost look like a clone
What the fuck am I on?
Symbolically out of codes
So I'll just fucking say it now

Alright, you found me like- Like what?
What's the point?

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