Ez Mil, Slashmouth - Rapture lyrics

Babe? Where are you?
Slashy?? Wai
Slashy what the fuck is happening!?
Sinner...sin, sin
Hey! Let me go!
Sin, sin, sin, sin
You revoked the
Name of your creator
Now, thy punishment
Is something greater!

A show no longer!
You shadowed me for millenia!
And defiled my name for the plentier!

You are a disgrace
I should rip off your fucking face
The hell that you created
Is what you'll embrace
Civil and dormant
Tricking all humanity
As satan's informant
While you're encaged

Let out the rage!

Slashy please!.. I can explain.. No!
That is not my name!

Down and lower you'll go
As each one of your lies
Supports the bed of your throne!
Atonement has been banished
So you feel cold when you're alone
Laying in stone but still
Crowned in the midst of your woes
And the heavens shall cry
For your rib is not a mere bone!
She swirls her rivers in panic
Cuz you almost folded to the unholy

My only dream was to make it!
So why does it sound like you blame me!??
If it's my life you want, then so, take it!

I'll do anything for resurrection!
Even if what it takes is the
Hate from god's favorite sun!

A r i s e!
F r o m y o u r c o v e
A n d c o n q u e r!
Y o u ' l l m a r r o w - f e e d
F o r a m i l l e n n i a!
F r o m d i v i n e, r i p e v e i n s
F r o m t h e s a p i e n s!

Lurk, feed & erase
Pile up to twenty, one minused from eight
From hell, you were created
To earth, you are placed
Decimate, torment
Feed on all humanity
Under the moon's orbit
Aren't you amazed?
Look at your face!

Teeming with ungraceful fury
His skin boasts an osseous smirk the
Commandments can no longer bend
For only the winds of Mareipas
Thoroughly tatter the basin
While they blow the mires
Fully engulfing his ascension
To the plane of mortals!

Exsusito ve, extollo milreth
Exsusito ve, extollo milreth

Unable to control his hunger
A nearby village
Quenches him

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