Foxx, Cash Flow - Abrasive lyrics

Sometimes I feel abrasive
I feel really aggressive
I feel really assertive
I don't feel conversative

Yeah I feel abrasive
Like I'm constantly changing
This ain’t no game boy no I don’t play
I’m taking shots like the NBA
I’m about to get a lot more mean
I’m tearing you apart and
Crushing your spleen
Your on the ground and I’m watching you bleed
You already know not to fuck with me
You know I’m always rocking like Queen
I’m like Freddie Mercury I can sing
I’m not immortal I’m just a human being
I’m such a goat I’ll come
And slit your throat i’ll put my foot so far
Up your ass you’ll choke
But not until you get fucking smoked
By my bars they are just so much farther
Then anything y’all can every make
I’m just so fucking great
I’m working this track out I’m
Whipping it into shapе
I’m going fishing and I’m using y’all as bait
I’m such a great guy I have so many trait's
I bet you any girl will go on a datе
With me I’m just so lucky
All of you are so yucky
Y’all are like a joke that’s unfunny
I’m going to enjoy watching y’all die slow
Because the cemetery is just down the road

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