Gawne - Bully lyrics

GAWNE [Luke Gawne]

[Gawne - Bully lyrics]

I gotta kill em now
Swear to god that I'm the illest
You was still in diapers while I was wiping
So why you think that my pensive skill is
Ten to the fifth your penman skill
Man it feels like I've been the
Best on the list for real
When I hit the field I'm made of man
Of steel like Pittsburgh in the NFL
While you still in the college dorm
Fans are probably bored of the way you
Rap it's like watching peewee sports
You just volley on the court
You ain't nothing not a fucking problem
Probably wish that I would get some
Almond butter smothered on you
Other words I'm nutting on you
Maggot you would swallow for a
Dollar like your fucking mama
Do you like the navy seals
Did Osama bang bang
It's a doozie giving roofies
To these twitter
Losers now they awfully woozy gang bang
I don't play pussy too offensive
When I'm on the offensive
Should've never mentioned me for no reason
Now you're giving me a reason
To go teach these kids a lesson
All these haters wanted clout they
Were starving for attention
Till they stepped to LUKE GAWNE now
They GAWNE in sixty seconds

You need a mask cause I'm sick with the bars
COVID ain't shit compared to this
I'm like fifty times as hard
Cause I don't social distance from afar
I just put you in the dirt
And now we're six feet apart

No I never wanted to kill em
Was willing to save em until
He kept egging me on
I was angry somebody pray for me
Luke is now turning to Lucifer
Devil is coming I'm somewhat a
Shit like a pagan
I sacrificed him like a lamb
And he's painfully bleeding
The bullets I shot was like
Seventy eight to the
Brain would be sure to
Be wounding him fatally

Never gonna ever lose to you
Bitch that stupid skinny ass toothpick
Motherfucker wanna diss me till I
Made em mince meat
When I hit em with the wrath of a G.O.A.T. MC
Little bitch started poking me
When I spoke till
I opened the can of whoop ass
Chocking his throat until there's
Never no hope
To breathe suffocate and go to sleep

This was supposed to be over comatose to beef
But a bitch still got me in
Her mouth like she blowing me
This little thot will stir the
Pot like some ovaltine
Just to get noticed by my fan base
You're totally gonna need more than
A bandaid when I hit em with
A grand slam like some poetry
Alec Ogletree tackling you in the
Open leaving em looking like
Quarterback Dak Prescott with a broken
Knee and swollen feet
Yeah even an orthopedist can't
Believe how that
A bone would twist with that rotary
Cause I'll make this pussy
Bleed like some ovaries

I'm no Messiah Diablo when I bring the fire
Cause I be burning every morsel from
Your torso up to your eyelids
The morgue is where you reside got your
Corpse in a suit and tie
People crying out at your wake putting
Flowers down right beside you

I will shoot lead till I see
You dead in an ICU bed
Yes cause I am ruthless the mightiest on
Mics might have just duped them
Dudes be mighty stupid to Micky Mouse
Around and not do shit
Mice among the men get exterminated
Like rats in sewers

So till the day that I fall won't back down
From a bully not afraid of a brawl
Don't take balls to get on Twitter
And talk so put your face
In your palm pussy and bow
Down to Lukey I'm GAWNE

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