A-F-R-O, R.A. The Rugged Man, Gift of Gab - Freedom Form Flowing lyrics

[A-F-R-O, R.A. The Rugged Man, Gift of Gab - Freedom Form Flowing lyrics]

Ladies and gentlemen, yeah
Alright, let's bring to the stage
(Gift of Gab)
(Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab)
(Gift of Gab)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Enter my imminent energy element
I am an entity walking
Ahead of the pack. I really am out of my
Head and it's evident that I will never
Be able to ever quit. Melanin
Fellow with helluva relevance
What isn't elegant
Metaphors ready to set it off
Dead on your pettier levels
I'm ready and able to
Murder and tear emcees all into
Pieces and murking embarrassees
Honoring easily
Crumbs, chill
It easily comes like breathing from deep
In the seat of your lungs
I creep to the beat of a drum that's unique
To me as I keep it a hundred
Leaping through regions and leading
The dumb and
Feeble emcees sinking deep in the mud
(the mud)
While some of them keeping it thug like
There is a leak in their mug
We better start
Reaching above, we headed for economic decay
What you thinking of bro?
I'm creeping beneath it and dug the surface
Will purpose I'm healing delinquents of what
Emceeing should be
It's no interest of me if their mission
Is weak and they're keeping it dumb
Keep sleeping
I'm tweaking the frequency of emceeing and
Being a piece of the puzzle
Rhythm we seeking the freedom
And what it means
To be free and be equal as one
The nation is bobbing and weaving
Afraid of the awful and evil. Don't
Make it their power to
Lead you away from the
Power proceeding creation
See all of the leaders to take us
Up out of the season. I hang with the laws
Of receiving and giving and
Living if y'all are
Believing and evident knowledge is breathing
Inhale and out and topple the greedy

(It's indeed a great pleasure to present
To you at this particular time-)
(Word is bond, word is bond)
One, two, FRO Thizzle
(Word is bond, y'knamsayin'? Word is bond
Free flow, uhh, yo

The path of the righteous person
Laughing and tired of hurtin'
I'm askin' a frantic
Emphatic combatative idiot
When is it past the millennium?
Ash arise in the surface
Snatchin' your wifey's purses
I'm a little brother like Rakim
When I gotta rhyme on the stage
For a good amount of time
I'm grabbing the mic in an urgent
Smashin' a dime for certain
Splash in the ice with bourbon
FRO gon' spit so crazy
Hoes wanna give FRO a baby
Crash when you drive and you burning
I rap, you rewind it
The speakers ain't working
I'm clappin' a nine at your
Jeep and you swervin'
I'm black with the eyes of a serpent
Back with a nine for purchase
Immaculate rhymes and the heat is conversin'
Antagonist mind, I am evil you worship
Here with a vengeance, your fear
Appears in a mere sentence
He the apprentice
FRO on the track with Gab and R
Combined with the beat that we murkin'
Drama unraveled, FRO commence
Llama in the shadows, no defense
Calm in a battle, most intense
Honey dips and them silly broads
They got to do me
I throw dick
But them money clips and them milly
Cars is not usually FRO shit
The ether writer, the frequent feeder
Feeble freedom fighter with dope steez
The heat and fire
The reason he beast cause he admire the OG's

(And now... R.A., what? R.A.)
(what? R.A. The Rugged Man)
(R.A. The Rugged Man)
(R.A. The Rugged Man)
(R.A. The Rugged Man)
(R.A. The Rugged Man)
(R.A. The Rugged Man)
(R-R.A. The Rugged Man)

Yo, Kubrick ride with us
Rivals fighting five of us
Bitches slide with us
My dick is harder than elephant ivory tusk
Baphomet bison bite the dust
Slime and crust
Life of lust
Tyson biting
Knife slicing guts sniffing cyber dust
Filling their mind with the
Hatred and jealousy
Fro and the Rugged like Mayweather / Ellerbe
Rakim and Eric B, check out
My melody, duckin' a felony
Nothing they tellin' me
Never forget 'em, I send 'em
To heaven, I went independent
Position I been in
Again and again and I'm ruling the throne
It'll never be ending the message and lesson
I'm sending is killing civilians
In Yemen. The
Bigger the spending the people pretending
The freedom of speech, is it
Hateful, offending? The weapon possession
The second amendment
It's me, I'm back bitches, Gift of Gab
You could watch that Harry Potter
Radcliffe rap his shit
Like when I gotta drop and
It's hip-hop and it don't
Stop with the whole block and the hoes hot
Do the windmill, do the wop, do the robot
Flow hot, never go pop, no shot
Soul sock
Diggin' the dick in a nun
Hun could blow cock at the
Church pope Benedict flopped
The white flame Night Train
Name James Brown but
The bitches be riding my dick like greyhound
I ain't playin' with no gimmick when
They faking every minute and I
Take it to the limit and they
Aching when I'm in it
When I'm making an exhibit, is it
Entertaining, is it? Hate, president, race
Slow deadbeat James van Bebber reign forever
Act like a dick I'll beat a
Pussy till he change gender
Launchin' the rocket and leakin'
Their brain on
The ceiling revealing opinion is sinnin'
The fish in the sea and
The birds in the heavens
We living and given dominion and in the
Beginning the women I've been in, the devil
Is grinning, the end of the inning
The evil and
Tricking the murder, religion
The media spinning
This pain that I'm bringing
I'm out

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