Funeral, polar333, GORESET, Vaeo, ​k0a, ​rouri404, LUCY02, maxiim - ​hazmat lyrics

Silent steppin'
Steady creepin' through the dead of night
Watchin' my own back, blade stays tucked
Won't make it out alive
Bitch, know I been up like forty nights
Make sure I'm immortalized
Livin' to die, get my mind out the gutters
Been too many nights
I stayed up with the cutter
Been with the shit's, now I got all my own
Better off being alone
Always just thought I was wrong
Feel like a drone
Back in my element, know I'm not
Sellin', they copy and paste
You a clone
Tearin' my flesh from the bone
(Flesh from the bone)

Who do I ignore next?
Hungry for blood
I'ma break in through your doorstep
Creep, creep, creepin' down the hall
(Down the hall)
Step by step, I'ma teach you how to ball

Tip-toein', I'ma turn yo shit
To a classified
Glocky on my hip but I don't gotta fight
Banner bitch, she
(Down to ride) , that's down to ride
That pussy, so stay the night
Bloody knuckles (GORESET)
Which is why, I I

Baby, I'm dead
And every definition of the fuckin' word
And you know that it hurts
Tryna figure out if you love me
The way that I love you
I swear to God, it's gon' work
Baby, don't think about it, I'ma
Think about it for you
I'm more than just sure
I see the cuts, and the scars, and the bruise
And the blood is all over you
Your mother concerned
Bloody habit, I love it when it happens

I'm too fucking messed up
Baddies all around me
, I ain't happy
You know they can't stop that

Hop in the vehicle
Separatin' opps like LEGOs
They gonna see how this K go
I got the world in the palm of my hands
And I'm takin' shit off like
I'm playin' with Play-Doh
Wrist check, what's the time today?
Yeah, time to step out right away
They rained down on his forehead
He not gon' stay alive today
Get back
Tell me what you're seein'
Like I'm Rorschach
Get back, leave his body
Welcome on the doormat
Zig-zag, I don't wanna know
I gotta have that
Toxic chemicals burnin', I need a hazmat

Smoking blunts inside the hatchback
Now I'm gon' chop him up
Leavin' blood in his hazmat
If you talkin' shit
I'ma pop you and get your cash back
We gon' shoot him and leave the
Scene in a Scat Pack
Life filled with bad habit's
I just made a hundred grand
Straight from a tablet
Hundred different pills to fix what you have
Hundred different pills I keep
Inside my jacket

Steppin' all about, they call me gorestepper
Big bills, big money, callin' it cheddar
Big jacket all on me because I'm fed up
Big bills, I'm runnin' up all the feta
Everyone wanna be gore until
I get the chainsaw
Slicin' off his ribs and knock him out
I break his fucking jaw
Goresteppin', I step in, step in, step in
Smith & Wesson, & Wesson, & Wesson, Wesson

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