Mr Traumatik, Grima x Azza, Devilman - Finesse Riddim lyrics

Yay, yay, yay, yay
All right then
Let me tell them
Don't compare me to them
I ain't touched the P from my last show
(oh, God)
Ching, ching
Family bloodline came from Glasgow
Them lot are okay
But they ain't got bars like ours though
It's all black and white so
Show them true colours
You get swiped like barcodes
We set the bar too high now
They can't take that like Barlow
Didn't wanna let me in, so I
Had to get it in
Came like Medellín's gang called narcos
(Yay, yay, yay)
Even the haters know it's hard though
(See I was in the field with Joshy
Dishing out hooks like Ivan Drago)
So mic check, one, two, might blaze one
Zoot, got a peng ting in Stockholm
Telling me she's a keeper and she's got
Links to De Gea like David Seaman
(Did he actually say that again?)
Somebody tell the boy not even
Everybody's acting like they're all
Big in this ting
But I swear to God I can't see them
It's a hazard when I get real mad
Everything turn Eden
It can all get messy quick if you
Wanna try and switch sides like Griezman
I don't set no goals to achieve 'em
I write these thoughts down to keep breathing
Since Dominator died
You can look in my eyes and
Tell I ain't got no feeling

I ain't had no feeling ever since
Dominator went and passed away
Man, I'm keeping it moving but
Ain't gonna lie, man
I'm finding it hard today
So I put on a mask and spray
This Shaolin technique hard to train
These dons get a like on their socials
And start thinking they're
God like Charlemagne
(I let it spray like aftershave
I'm on bars today like who wants it?)
When I send man back to the yard like
He just turned up to the wrong shift
Oh, you don't wanna start with
Me there's no off switch
Them man-a can't believe that
You're on shit
You was in charge but, geezer, you lost it
And now man-a can't compete
'cause you're not fit
I got a flow that's toxic
So I might call this one Britney
On point like spears, I let one go
Man-a spin like Frisbee
And you can check my history
I been on this ting from a pickney
Man, I took mad Ls in my time now
Me and my team do nothing but victory
Can't deal with a bad mind youth
Now with all that bullshit miss me
Man talk like he stand his ground
But he still turn Linford Christie
I got a brand-new flow that's pristine
Who's in charge? Man, it ain't no mystery
Man took his best shot and I stepped it
Come back with a big left to the kidneys

I am a lyrical demon
Levels away above, we are not even
If you're gonna hate, then hate for a reason
I'm ready to take over the region
I am a lyrical savage
Gotta leave behind the excess baggage
A lot of these MCs can't manage
Might as well spit your bars in Spanish
Putting in work like a nine 'til five
I'm putting in work like a labourer
Putting in work on your girl
I'll take the bitch out
But I don't wanna pay for her
You might see me putting in work
In the trap, serving food
Make you feel awkward
Like if you cheat on your girl but
You don't wanna say it to her
I don't mess around with amateurs
Snakes or fake characters
I don't like any judge or barristers
Gassed up like balloons and cannisters
I'm the number one challenger
Walking around like a scavenger
I'm marvellous, spectacular
Fuck you up like cardiovascular
When I'm on the mic it's a massacre
I'm a VIP, ambassador
I'm serious like a car crash
(You don't, you don't wanna be a passenger)
I'm staying on top of the game
I'm staying on top of the leaderboard
I'm too sharp like a samurai
And I don't even need a sword

I don't need a sword either (no)
I just kill it with success
When I'm speaking more deeper
Truth hurts, I'm giving 'em 'nuff stress
I'm a natural leader
Women, I'm giving 'em rough sex
If you need a raw feature
I do grime and rap and dubstep
Don't be sad or upset
Life is very technical
I'm not sensible
You know my flow is incomprehensible
I'm dying to be on stage again
Performing, bring on the festivals
My balls are big
Sometimes I accidentally sit on my testicles
I got that supernatural, deadly, vicious
Shaolin technique
I'm giving 'em, one, two
Kung foo kicks and penetrating your headpiece
If you piss me off
I guarantee you'll be dead by next week
You'll be six foot deep in a grave
Rotting away like dead meat
Your skin is falling off
There's maggots eating on your flesh
I love these voices in my head
My demons are the best
I'm not crazy, I'm not mental
I'm just evil and obsessed
If your mum is sexy
Then I'm spraying semen on her breast

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