Guapdad 4000 - Money lyrics

Turn it up in the headphones
I need to hear that shit wap
There it is

I said fuego
Coming with the flame like a Draco
Make a broke nigga catch up, no tomatoes
Le' go
Build an infrastructure for my payroll
No squares in my circles
Save that for the Eggo's
Hey hoe, take a trip down to San Diego
You bust tricks, I flip cards for the peso
Fabo, nigga geeked up in this bitch
I'm a pretty ass nigga with a prettier dick
Bitch hello, freeband's, all from Neiman's
Leave the register
I'm doing the "I just
Got the receipt" dance

You a kiddie pool and niggas
Been off the deep end
And I'm unemployed everyday is the weekend
I'm a Bay mobster, trend setter
Wave monster
Ruth Chris scamming and I
Ordered eight lobsters
Brought a bitch with me and
She called it a feast
Bitch, I just really wanted something to eat

Money, money, money, money, money
Ha, ha, nigga was hungry
I woke up, I got an appetite
I couldn't find no fettuccine no where
Money, money, money, money
So I had to get it instantly
Please truffle butter me ASAP

Now she wanna give bomb
Nigga head like turban
Suck me up like Kirby
Bust a nut start swervin'
Going ape shit nigga like a
Saiyan with a tail
She said "that's a nice
Coat" I said "bitch
This Chanel"
Issa check, I ain't on a discount rack
Your designer ugly
You should get your discount back
Young scammer in the building
'bout to start a religion
If I tripped on my money
I would fall on my bitches
Off top, if you a broke nigga you an opp
If you a broke bitch you's a thot
If you my ex bitch you's a bop
You over-curious then you a cop
You driving hella slow, you getting popped
You like my bitch then we can swap
'Cause my bitch gon' wanna come
Home and yours not
I share lots with niggas who share stocks
Turn heads like Beyblades, nigga's spin top

Money, money, money, money, money
What was that? Nigga Dragoon
Hit him with the Dragoon
Money, money, money, money
Turbine double twister
Thats what she over here doing

Aqua fist wrist watch
I'm scamming your friends pops
The paint don't drip drop
Its matte like dreadlocks
I'm dodging the wedlock and
Duckin' the fed watch
I'd rhyme with bedrock but that's cliche
Nigga, I'm in Morton's everyday
With a filet
Racing to the paper like a relay, then stay
Out in Chile
We lay over Gucci, all my paper looseleaf
Trying to get money from a Hello or a Lucy
A Tribe Called Scam, I just never knew Phife
But my wrist look just like Bonita on ice
And I need to get Head & Shoulders
These fuckin' po-lice
Bruh, it was days I was eating just rice
I might say less, but I always do the most
About my green bread like avocado toast
Can't forget the blue like my name was Steve
I draw pictures with the clues
That you wouldn't believe
I'm a breath of fresh air
These hoes still can't breathe
Pretty nigga so sharp
How I still ain't bleed?
I'd done dodged the bitch out
And she still ain't leave
Guapdad, Scam Boy, but I need the cheese

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