GypjaQ, Azealia Banks - BLOWN AWAY lyrics

I keep the Glock on sm-id-ash
Raise it up, cock it now
Bitch where the c-id-ash
P-id-ass it, so you don’t get bl-id-ast-ed
Oh you broke? Guess I’m
Flippin' over your mattress
I’m a hip ass bitch bullet for a snitch
What the fuck you gon' do cunt when I’m rich?
You act tough but your bluff
Givin' you loose shit's
Gyp-jaQ on the attack

BLOOOWN like the cloud that carries the shade
Blown away like the cloud
That carries the shade
Blown away like the cloud that
Carries the fuckin shade

All you girls think you're legendary?
Bitch it's more like sedentary
What I'm gonna need is all the money
And what you're gonna do is drop and pay me
Then you'll get caught in my tractor beam
Then the pockets wind up empty (Kat sKats)
Now stick statuesque pose for me!

(Bitch, that ain't statuesque awwwwwww)
Bundle of fun, the uber cunty one
Watch her prance all upon the run-run-runway
Alright, see it’s goin down tonight
Hit the floor like it stole ya mo-mo-money
20 Benjamins for me
It seems you three got ya
1s indeed girl please
Send for me when you get ya cheese up
Grease up your wheels, upgrade your weave
Got the buss puss you can’t believe
Light the kush kush, the sour D
Got a sour D? You don’t exist to me
You stuck in the trap, I’m fresh and free
Sucks to be y'all but you mad at me
Force quit ya life control-alt-delete

(Kat sKats) um, could you do me a favor?
Assassinate yourselves
Actually? You should hire someone
(Kat sKats)

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