JayteKz - Tightrope lyrics

[JayteKz - Tightrope lyrics]

Lately, I've been reflecting on my mental state
Crazy, how the fuck did I end up this way?
Maybe, one day I'll be able to explain
All these unresolved discrepancies inside my brain
Or, perhaps I'll never quite understand
These complexities that swallow me like quicksand
Got me drowning slow, deeper down the rabbit hole
Don't wanna lose my soul searching for this pot of gold
No, cuz Lord knows I wanna be rich
Prove everybody wrong that said I wouldn't be shit
When I would dream big, motherfuckers made me feel small
That shit was hurtful but regardless my heart stood tall
Yeah, can you tell my thoughts are everywhere?
I'd be lying if I told you I was never scared
I'm well aware that this life is unpredictable
And I can swear my love is unconditional

Walking on the edge between life and death
I can feel this knife inside my chest
Tryna catch my breath but life moves too fast
This bleeding heart of mine is seeping through the cracks

And I swear it breaks my heart looking in your eyes
How much life is there left in you before you die?
And I cry inside every time I see you smile
Cuz I know that you know time is running out
While the sun is out, have one last dance with me
If I'm looking down, it's only cuz I'm panicking
Tragedy and agony ensues us
Imagine we weren't damaged and were bruised up
I think I'm finally at a loss for words
So I smoke, fill my lungs up with all this herb
So much hurt in my heart got me growing weak
I feel safe in the dark when I go to sleep
Oh, oh please someone notice me
Hold me tight just in case I lose control of me
Fuck, or maybe I should just let go of me
Cross my heart, pray the Lord for my soul to keep

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