JayteKz - Endless Winter lyrics

[JayteKz - Endless Winter lyrics]

I feel so numb, I feel so numb
And so I smoke, feel it in my lungs
Exhale this pain, inhale this dope
It keep me sane when I'm losing hope
And I don't know how long I'll keep writing my story for
Every other page is like I'm fighting another war
Searching for myself inside a world that's so fucking lost
How can I prevail when I keep failing and fucking off?
Oh I, I feel like my time here is running out
I can't see the sun 'cause above there's a cloud
Pouring down on me is a storm of regrets
I hate who I am and being in my flesh
I've been so depressed for a pretty long time
I've been feeling stressed and losing my mind
I've been slowly dying and falling apart
A day inside my heart, it's no walk in the park

Coldness in my eyes and burning fire in my broken heart
[?] who have never been thrown in the dark
Bitterness consuming me and hatred have been growing fast
Misery's pursuing me, I'm walking down this lonely path

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