J.I. the Prince Of N.Y - New York City Ghanistan lyrics

[J.I. the Prince Of N.Y - New York City Ghanistan lyrics]

Grimey nigga steppin over puddles
You could cry me a river
Nah nah nah nah nah
Yeah, let me talk my

Yeah, could've sworn I told you
I'm a grimey nigga (Na na, na)
Guess I'ma be steppin' over puddles if
You cry me a river (Na na, na)
You was even cryin' when you lied to me
I kept you beside of me bonnie and Clyde
I thought you was finna ride and die for me
(Na na, na)
Yeah, I was standin' ten toes hollowin'
You niggas couldn't even give me five
And I was breakin' brеad with a bunch of
Niggas who was keepin' crumbs on the side
And I know I took your VV
Once you givе that pussy up
That shit fucked up my pride
Got a heart so cold
Gotta wear a fuckin' coat 'cause
Of how I feel inside
I'm the shortest outta everyone
I'm standin' with, but, I'm still the top
Dawg everything I'm handlin'
And I don't like talkin' on the dead
But since these niggas talkin' hot
We celebrate everytime they lose a man again
(yeah) I gotta make 'em understand (yeah)
I did everything I can (Huh)
I did everything I can fuck it, uh
It's time to make them understand
How the fuck we beefin' but
When you do your interview
You mentionin' my name like
You a motherfuckin' fan?
Niggas do a bid then they wanna
Come home and brag about
It like they wasn't gettin' fucked
Up in the can and I don't give a fuck
About no fifty-thousand dollar chain
When I got the same damn thing on my hand
(yeah) I gotta make 'em understand (yeah)
'Cause there's levels to this shit (yeah)
And I know you tried to put your dirt on
Me but I got shovels for that shit
So car spin twice so I call my
Hittas up now we huddlin' and shit
'Cause, you know love in these
Streets but I love
My peace put a double in that clip
'Cause she's the reason I don't slip
Let me talk my shit (Na na, na, na, na, na)
I just got off the phone
With my mother, I said
"I promise I never meant to worry you"
I just finished speakin' to my
Lil' brother, he said, "J
You got me scared 'cause of how you movin'
I ain't tryna bury you" (Nah, nah, nah)
And If my dawg got a shiesty
He don't gotta wear
No ice, why he 'posed to move a milli
Y'all just posted up for likes
Lil' soft ass niggas
You ain't even do no drills for real
You ain't even in the field for real
I got niggas and they kill for real
Just a hundred and I'll seal deal
And you will disappear for real, for real
(For real, for real)
I wanna talk to my young one
'Cause y'all niggas out here goin' crazy
I feel like I need some guidance
'Cause all I see is violence
And all I hear is sirens, na, na, na, na
(Na na, na, na)
So listen what I'm tellin' you (yeah)
'Cause, I would never lie to you
Y'all niggas jumped off the porch 'cause
What them niggas tellin' you
And half them niggas lie to you
(Na na, na, na, na, na)
'Cause, I don't understand (Na na, na)
'Cause this is where I'm from
New York City Ghanistan, na, na na

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