Jorge Rivera-Herrans - Get in the Water lyrics

[Jorge Rivera-Herrans - Get in the Water lyrics]

I've been waiting for this moment
For the perfect time to strike
When your home's so close
And you've reached your coast
That's when our paths collide
I've got a reputation
I've got a name to uphold
So I can't go letting you walk or
Else the world forgets I'm cold

Now get in the water get in the water
Or I'll raise the tide so high
All of Ithaca will die get in the water


Get in the water

Stop this, please

I'll make tidal waves so profound
Both your wife and your son will drown


Get in the water get in the water
Don't mistake my threats for bluff
You have lived more than enough
Get in the water get in the water
I'll take your son and gouge his eyes
That is, unless you choose to die
Get in the water

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