Lil Durk - Put Em On Ice lyrics

The Melody, DJ on the beat, so it's a banger

Chanel or Cha na' na', whatever you call it
Whenever you poppin' don't matter
Who brought it
Prada wristband with the chip my new wallet
Fresh out the creek, I'm discrete
I'm too solid
Charge up the G Wagon, new electronic
Deep in religion, might get back demonic
Go ask promotors, I picked up six hundred
Four hundred more, one million, get it
He saw it
Six carat stones, GIA, I went flawless
I had to flush with the top off the toilet
Fendi bouquet bag, thirty-two hundred
Dealin' with jet lag, pass me a water
Sheets in the county, go run up a quarter
Brodie did that just to bonus his lawyer
She send me the heart eyes
I try to ignore her
Left her on read, let her know she a choice

Put 'em on ice, he play, put her on ice
She play
Put on my ice, I'm safe, my lil' brother
He carry a Drac'
And I told 'em, "Ain't nobody safe
" and I told 'em, "Ain't nobody safe"
And I told 'em, "Ain't nobody safe
" and I told 'em, "Ain't nobody safe"

They say I look nervous, they look at my face
You could do that, but can't play in my face
I told the water boys copy the plates (yeah)
Lil' bro had fucked up his heart off the vape
(yeah, yeah)
The bloggers be talkin', they start up a case
Ain't from my hood, then you cannot relate
Pass out that money, you already ate (yeah)
Bottega slides, I love pretty feet
I was 'bout to Brabus, the order backed up
Switched to Ferrari, it smell like the horse
Drink like Starbucks, but it got me back up
When I'm too high, bitch
I don't like to fuck
Bro like defender how he move like a cluck
Brand new McLaren
Shit straight off the truck
Bitch think I'm cocky, I don't say
"What's up?"
Me and bro loyalty made out the mud

Put 'em on ice, he play, put her on ice
She play
Put on my ice, I'm safe, my lil' brother
He carry a Drac'
And I told 'em, "Ain't nobody safe
" and I told 'em, "Ain't nobody safe"
And I told 'em, "Ain't nobody safe
" and I told 'em, "Ain't nobody safe"

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah

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About the song

Lil Durk's new release, 'Put Em On Ice' from his album, has set the music scene ablaze, evoking a flurry of reactions from fans worldwide. The track has struck a chord with listeners, who are sharing their excitement and appreciation all over social media.

For the uninitiated, Lil Durk, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, is celebrated for his authentic, raw music and stirring storytelling ability. The vibrant feedback for 'Put Em On Ice' reiterates the star's escalating influence and his ability to connect with fans at a profound level.

There are plenty of adulations for the album, calling it Lil Durk's best to date, with one listener stating, "This Durk best Album to date in my opinion shows the growth as a artist he really set the bar with this one". This sentiment is echoed by others who believe that Durk’s artistry has matured over the years, underlining the strength of the album.

Listeners often highlight the authenticity of Durk's music as the reason for his success. One comment reads, "The reason lil durk has had so much success is because his music is authentic. He built a loyal fanbase through focusing on his craft, and not being pressured into sounding like other artists." This fan perspective indicates Durk’s impact and how his genuine narrative resonates with his audience.

Durk's lyrics are often recognized for their depth and relatability. Fans frequently quote lines like "deep in religion might get back to demonic", reflecting the extent to which his music touches on human emotions and experiences. It's clear that his lyricism has struck a chord with listeners, connecting them to the narrative on a personal level.

Amidst the praise, however, there are some dissenting voices, as there always are. Some commenters claim that the album is mediocre or that all the songs sound the same, illustrating that Durk's music, like any art, is subject to individual taste and interpretation. Nonetheless, these criticisms are vastly outweighed by the positive responses.

In fact, the album has inspired fan declarations such as "in Smurk we trust," emphasizing the listeners' faith and admiration for Lil Durk. One comment captures the essence of the fan sentiment towards Durk, stating, "Long Live King Von (Smurkio)."

Many have applauded the beats and instrumental, labeling them as 'fire', 'hard', and 'amazing', highlighting Durk's versatility and his ability to create catchy and addictive music. The positive feedback on the beat contributes significantly to the song’s success.

Fans also highlight Durk's enduring relevance in the music industry, with comments such as "10 years and he’s still going" and "Durk is the greatest Chiraq Rapper Of All Time", showcasing Durk's longevity and influence.

Internationally, Durk has garnered support, with fans from India and Haiti among those praising him. This global admiration underscores his universal appeal and the extensive reach of his music.

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