Lil Durk - You Got Em lyrics

(t99, 少し強さを送ってくれ) hol' up, hol' up

Marni bucket with the jacket to match
Askin' bitches "Where the chemistry at?"
CO trippin' when they visitin' max
Takin' guns, we ain't givin' it back
You ain't fuckin', no, return the gift back
I done told bitches, this ain't a finesse
Bro, you a killer
Then say it with your chest
Bro get to clutchin', he trippin' off X
Bitch, you ain't nothin'
Ain't trippin' for sex
I was so deep and I came on her chest
Back-to back sex, you know honey the best
I can not ever wear Carti's again
Count up a million, my hands was swole
Why you so cocky? Your friends is hoes
You got a Porsche
We ain't playin' with those
Bitch, I'm the reason the trеnches home
Shoot me a tеxt, ain't answer the phone
The two hundred minutes ain't lastin' long
Hop in a group with the trenches phone
I'm tryna see what the trenches on
Got him a car again
I told him to spin and spin and spin again
That was an accident
You need your lash esthetician
Bitch to get in i done move fast again
I done brought the car all cash, I need tints
He hit the perculator for the Percocets
These niggas ain't my friends

Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em
Hold up, them drugs, hold up
Like, hold up, them drugs, you got 'em
Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em
Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em
Hold up, them drugs, hold up
Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em (yeah)
Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em (yeah)

He off a muscle, relaxin'
He know the customers got 'em, serve him
Woah he like a certain reaction
Why he be takin' them
Capsules? I'm like "Woah"
I get a certain reaction
I'm keepin' the murderers happy
I'm like "Woah" she know her ass is fatter
She know how that surgery got her
I'm like "Woah"
Pussy stinkin', she tryna blame
Her PH balance, i'm like "No"
Two things ain't ever seen is
One main hoppin' hoes, one go
I'm a dog, gotta shake the
Paw, I'll fuck your friend, she won't know
Why you be tellin' the business?
But since you gon' tell
Just tell 'em you be off the coke
Plan B, she be eatin' pills, I
Done tricked her to takin'
Ain't fuckin' no more
Brodie cup got lean still, if I take a pill
I'm drivin' the boat
I was never into abusin' women, when
I fuck from the back
I be grabbin' her throat
Never believe what the blogs
Be talkin' about
You know we ain't duckin' the smoke
Brodie a gremlin, he popped
Him a fake Percocet, his face hurt
I'm in Miami, you think I'm the fake Durk
Get hit in your face first
I mix the purple and yellow
Together, I feel way better, a Laker
I can't chase her, nah, I can't chase her

Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em
Hold up, them drugs, hold up
Like, hold up, them drugs, you got 'em
Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em
Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em
Hold up, them drugs, hold up
Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em (yeah)
Hold up, them drugs, you got 'em (yeah)

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About the song

The gritty yet relatable lyrics of 'You Got Em' are resonating with the masses. Durk's craftsmanship is highly acclaimed, with his sound often being compared to Future's. Some listeners even suggest that "You Got Em" mirrors what Future's 'Monster 2' was anticipated to be. Interestingly, others have pointed out similarities with Gucci Mane's "Serial Killer," revealing the intricate layers and influences within Durk's music.

Critics have been praising Durk's strategic music releases, emphasizing that the rapper never misses his mark. Durk's tenacity and relentless pursuit of quality are not only commendable but inspiring to budding musicians. Aspiring artists look up to Durk's resilience and dedication to his craft, seeing him as a guiding light in their own musical journeys.

Despite the overwhelming support, Durk has also faced criticism. Detractors label him as the "worst rapper ever," and others argue that he has "fallen off." Some listeners are even criticizing the rapper for potentially abusive lyrics. However, it is essential to note that art is often subjective and open to interpretation, and Durk's music is no exception.

On the other side of the spectrum, fans are exclaiming that Durk is "the truth" and "the king," asserting that his music trumps that of fellow rapper Youngboy. Supporters have taken a particular liking to Durk's Future-esque vibes and the evolution of his sound since his "300 Days 300 Nights" era. A common thread among the reviews is the appreciation for Durk's growth, both as an artist and a person. His loyal fan base revels in his progression, heralding his ability to deliver one banger after another.

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