Lil Mabu [Matthew Peter DeLuca] New York. U.S.


Like, most of y'all rappers is
Signed to the streets
Only deal that you took was a plea
Mabu get money, while he pee
Shout out my label, that's me
I own a hundred percent of my cuts, bitch
Nobody takin' a fee
3141592653, I'm the king of NYC
I heard they send my music to police
So this is a message to NYPD
"I cap in my raps, I'm a innocent tweep
Keep a teddy bear when I sleep"
I'm rappin' the words but they
Write it for me
Me? I'm all about keepin' the peace
I mean, at least I get paid
'cause a lot of these rappers
Be cappin' for free they call me The Ock
I got the bread, she chopped but said
"Can I bring a friend?"
Never, never, never, I guess
She forgot the bev', like
Two fives don't equal to ten
Quick math, don't try it again
She shaped like a turtle or a
Hen, her makeup is fucked
She don't know how to blend
Make her do Wordle
She need to have brains if
She givin' out head
Call her Virgil, 'cause the way
She be Blohwin' shit, got me dead
Haha, shawty got Arctan
I wanna intersect her circle
She like, "Mabu, I like purple
" so I blue her back out
And I left her on red

Get it? 'Cause blue and red equals purple
So I blew her back out and I left her on read
Don't let that go over your head

One thot, two thot, three thot, four
They all put their knees on the floor
Kiesha, Becky, Sophie, Zoe
Textin' me, begging for more
Blockin' that bitch if she callin' me, "Bro"
If you my dawg, then chew on my bone
(Woof, woof)
Lil Mabu the king at switchin' the flow

To all my competition, dig a grave
Dig a grave
I invested money in myself and it paid
I can't take a break 'til
Mabu is a household name

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The song "Mathematical Disrespect" has generated a lot of buzz among fans since its release. Many followers are impressed with Matthew Peter's flow and lyrical ability, praising his talent and skill. Some of them commented that rapper is underrated and that his music deserves more recognition. Others says that Lil Mabu's music is different and refreshing compared to other artists in the drill rap genre.

The song's lyrics, which include references to mathematical concepts, also caught the attention of community. Supporters were impressed clever wordplay and enjoyed the challenge of deciphering his lyrics. Others appreciated the educational aspect of the song, saying that it could help students learn math in a fun way.

Admirers also commented on Lil Mabu's use of vulgar language and sexually explicit references in the song. While some found it humorous, others felt that it was unnecessary and detracted from the overall quality of the song.

One of the most discussed parts of the song was Lil Mabu's diss towards fashion designer Virgil Abloh. Many fans were confused as to why Lil Mabu included the diss in the song and felt that it was unnecessary. However, others appreciated DeLuca's boldness and willingness to call out others in the industry.

The reaction to "Mathematical Disrespect" has been mostly positive. Many are excited to see what he will come up with next and hope that he continues to push the boundaries of the drill rap genre.

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