Lil Wayne, Euro - Blackin’ Out lyrics

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

Six shit ayy, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah
Six, nigga, Dedication 6, nigga
Six, nigga, six, nigga, Dedication 6, nigga
Six, nigga, sick nigga, sick, six shit, nigga

I hear y'all new shit and I cringe (I cringe)
Your girlfriend likes me and my friends
(My friends)
If we hit it, that oui is not French
(Not French)
I'm anti-social, pardon my tints (My tints)
We left E11even, at 11 AM (yeah)
Raw papers full of peace, cups full of mayhem
(yeah) we all wavy
I'm just sort of on a different wavelength
(yeah) see, they more like superstars
I'm more like Super Saiyans (Woo)
Being the greatest ever is my destiny still
Since a child, I focused on my Kelly, Bey
And Michelle (Okay)
Sitting back
Getting head from a mademoiselle (Okay)
Tryin' to put every ghetto kid with
A dream in my will (Amen)
Dedicated to you for the sixth time
Killed it on the fifth one
Now they say I'm big-time
While them niggas skipped lunch
I learned how to skip lines
I learned how to kick, punch
Power through to get mines
Used to fuck with Sega
(Yuh) , my uncle had a pager (Chirp)
I knew this drug kingpin that
Tried to run for Mayor (Skrrt)
Posted on the back blocks
Talkin' player-player
If she bad then I upgrade her
Get her unlimited data (Blrrp)
They tryin' to build a wall, man
My dogs gon' hate that shit
And build underground railroads so
The Maybachs fit, yeah
We in the game, but we don't play that shit
Cover your soul before they
Take that shit Young!

Right nigga, wrong nigga, dope nigga
Ill nigga
Rich nigga, Polo nigga, house bigger
Bills bigger
Sick nigga, Hill nigga, lit nigga
Chill nigga
Racks nigga, real bigger, Shaq-bigger
Lil nigga
Facts nigga, trill nigga, tax nigga, still
Coke-on-coke, nigga slopes, niggas, hills
Nigga joke, nigga? Nope, nigga, clip bigger
Quick trigger
Thick strippers, I ain't into stick figures
Mixed signals oJ with the brick
Nigga runnin' through the white
Nigga, OJ on my wrist, nigga
That's Sunny Delight
Nigga, diamonds in my teeth
Shining like some pearly whites
Nigga straight from New Orleans
Like a plate of dirty rice
Nigga bought a lot of art, and
I brought a lot to snort, hey
Beat around the bush right after
We beat the court case
Talking 'bout a war, that's a
Convo at the bar, wait
Drugs in the Broncos
Start the motherfuckin' horse race
I take off from Earth and take
Your bitch up into MySpace
I tell her, keep her mouth shut if not
I got some Scotch tape
Got to keep the lock safe
Referring to the Safelock
The shelves fall, the ground shake
It make you do the James Brown
I still wear the same crown
Light-skin or light-brown
I still dick her right down
Hit her with the pipe bomb
Some niggas like to fight crime
Some niggas like to fight fair
Some niggas got the right time
You ask him, he say, "Time'll tell"
Some niggas think they're icons
Some bitches think that I care
Some niggas got a iPhone
Some niggas had a SkyTel
Some niggas really pythons
I'm watching out for myself
Tattoos, black skin, red eyes, blonde hair
Lyin' there, lookin' like "Aww, yeah"
Lawn chair jumped right off the Con-Air and
Landed on a timeshare
I wear Versace eyewear
Feelin' like top shelf
Cool as two Ls and Rock Bells
Hot as Scottsdale bombshell, ugh
Blackin' out, blackin' out
We on the drugs, blackin' out
Blackin' out, blackin' out, blackin' out
All the guns, black it out, black it out
Black-black-black it out
On the run, actin' out, actin'
Out, actin' out, actin' out, yo
Bow! yeah, blackin' out, blackin' out
We on the drugs, blackin' out
Blackin' out, blackin' out, blackin' out
All the guns, black it out, black it out
Black-black-black it out
On the run, actin' out
Actin' out, actin' out, yuh
That's some sick shit

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