Livid - One by One lyrics

[Livid - One by One lyrics]

He turned into a robot built for violence
Inside his chest is nothing but a hole
That's dark with emptiness he tries his best
Concealing all his anger and his loneliness
Deep regrets
He travels on an endless path of bitterness

One by one they fall to the ground
And they scream without making a sound
Drop, sink, eventually drown
'Cause the lost only hope to be found
They'll waste away
'Cause they don't have a reason to stay
Small price to pay
For choosing to live day to day

It hurts much less
When everybody else's life is such a mess
But he'll confess
That being on the bottom is the real test
He tries to guess
While missing every chance to
Rise above the rest he lays to rest
While giving up the only thing
He wished he'd kept

He found what he didn't mean
To: the anger inside
Will he rise up and walk away?
Will he find a place in his chest where
Emotions can rest so he feels alive again?
He grips the rail and he feels lonely
Can he be saved? His eyes beg "please,?"
Just so sick and tired of being
Just wants to live his life
Not change the world

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